Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bachelor - and Now There Are Two

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor
The women are taken to South Africa for safari dates and overnight fantasy suite stays!


Brad takes Chantal on a safari ride. Brad loves experiencing the sights of all the exotic animals together. He and Chantal later have a picnic, where they watch a hippo in the water directly behind them. During lunch, they talk about their relationship and where things may be headed. She admits she is excited to meet his family and he can't wait for her to meet them. He tells her he is the most comfortable with her and his heart has never been this open before.  They joke about not going through the next few weeks and the engagement and getting married now. Chantal becomes serious and says that she wants to get married if they end up engaged, that it is a serious thing to her.  He appreciates her being so honest with him. Brad gives Chantal the invitation to the fantasy suite. They practically sprint to the tree house where they are spending the night. They enjoy the view, wine and making out while the cameras slowly fade away. I wonder how their night ended?

{The lovely tree house they stayed the night in }


When he meets Emily, he tells her to hang tight for a minute while he gets something that he forgot. He surprises her with an elephant ride, which she says is her absolute dream date. Over lunch, they talk about Ricki and how much fun their hometown date was.  She asks Brad if he is ready for a 5 year old to be a part of his life.  He assures her that he is and that he loves that she is a package deal. Later in the evening, he wants to spend every moment with her and gives her the Fantasy Suite card so he can 'get to know her better' and 'talk about things.'  Emily seems uneasy about this because while she wants to spend more time with him, she also wants to set a good example for her daughter. She ends up saying that she will go to get to know him better but their relationship will continue to move slowly. At the suite, they talk some more and she admits she is falling in love with him.  He doesn’t say anything for a moment and then tells her he is falling in love with her too!


As Brad picks up Ashley, they walk for awhile until he takes her to a helicopter. As soon as she saw it, she began running away. Ashley says this is her biggest fear, but she eventually overcomes it and gets in. The view was simply incredible! As they are having a picnic lunch, Brad begins to ask her serious questions about school, work and relocating. Brad told her that she reminded him of himself 10 years ago, when he was single and career driven. He wondered if there would ever be a balance in their relationship or if she would ever consider moving to Austin with him. Over dinner, they talk more about her career and her desire to have it all. He wonders why she never mentioned wanting to live in Austin. She says she has never been there, but won't rule it out...that wherever she lives she wants to be around people she loves He gives her the Fantasy Suite card to reconnect, but the date ended up being a disaster.


Immediately entering the rose ceremony, Brad pulls Ashley aside and talks to her about their disaster date. They talk more about their differences and wonder how it all changed in one date. He sends her home without going through the rose ceremony. He says that it was devastating letting her go, but the first step to the rest of his life.

He gives Chantal and Emily roses and announces they will meet his family this week in Cape Town, South Africa.

Next week on The Bachelor { The Women Tell All } oh the drama we have to look forward to! Look out ladies {and world}, Michelle is back! 

{ Weekend Recap }

One. I apologize for my blogging absence lately, I was out of town all weekend trying to clean up the new house that is almost finished! An inspector came by today and said it is 98% completed. It is bittersweet, really. I absolutely love where I am living now. Having to pack up and move 4 hours away soon to a place where I don’t know anyone has been a very stressful thing. On the other hand, I will be living with my fiancé in a house that he and I built together. Before long I will have a new house, new job, new friends, new family and new last name! 

Two. Apparently I slept though an earthquake last night! That’s right…Arkansas had a 4.7 magnitude earthquake. It was felt throughout the whole state and parts of Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi! Yeah….I can pretty much sleep though everything.

Three. I watched the Oscar’s last night…I must say, I wasn’t really impressed. Can someone please tell me why Gwyneth Paltrow has performed at all the awards shows lately? She doesn’t have a bad voice, but definitely isn’t a superstar singer/performer. 

{ I loved these looks }

{ I didn’t like these looks } 

Four. I am not thrilled that I picked up a bunch of moving boxes yesterday and will be spending the majority of the week packing. I have no idea where to start!

Five. I absolutely love it when it storms during the night. I sleep sooooo good.  That must be why I slept though an earthquake?? As I left for work this morning I saw this lovely thing on the road.

Yes, that is a catfish. Bentley didn't know what to think about that thing.

Six. I am loving this new nail polish. Essie Fiji. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Videos that make me {SMILE}

{ Dancing Babies. How could you not love them? }

How adorable is she? I can't believe she can move like that already!

This makes me smile.

This kid has some moves.

He is already AMAZING. I can only imagine what the future has in store for this kid.

Where do they learn this stuff? He is incredible...and super cute!

{ Another video that makes me smile}
Okay... so I happened to be watching the Today show this morning and saw this video come on. The introduction just said something to the effect of what college students do when they are snowed in. Well they didn't say where they were from. Once the video started, my first thought was I've seen that guy somewhere before. Then when the second guy came on I was like OH MY GOSH I KNOW HIM!  The things people do when snowed in. I don't know how I hadn't heard about it until it was shown on the TODAY SHOW! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's in my {Makeup Bag}

I often get questions about what kind of makeup I wear
so I decided to share what is in my makeup bag.

My {Main} Makeup Bag

I absolutely LOVE my MAC brush set!
{The Specifics}

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in "Soft Tan"
{ I will probably never wear another foundation. It seriously lasts all day long and looks fresh!! }

 Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in "Medium"
 { This has fabulous coverage }

 Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder in "Soft Tan"
 { I prefer pressed powder over loose. That way I can always have it with me if I need a quick touch up }

 Mac Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
{ This sets your whole look for hours! I put this on right before my blush } 

MAC Powder Blush in "Sweet as Cocoa" and "Trace Gold"
{ Sweet as Cocoa as my main color and Trace Gold as a highlighter } 

MAC Eyeshadow
A few of my favorites include:
Print, Carbon, Contrast, Naked Lunch, Espresso, Cork, Mulch, Woodwinked, Twinks, Amber Lights
{ I adore MAC eyeshadow! Long lasting and doesn't crease } 
Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner in "Onyx"
{ Does not smudge! Very long lasting }

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in "Very Black"
{ Mascara is one product I will try different kinds and not splurge on. I happen to like this one }

MAC Lip Liner in "Summerfruit" 
{ For a natural looking lip } 

MAC Lip Stick in "High Tea"
{ For a natural looking lip} 

MAC Lipgelee Gloss in "Saplicious"
{For a natural looking lip}

What is in your makeup bag? 
What products can you not live without?

The Rose: Before and After

 Ashley didn't seem to be concerned she wouldn't be receiving a rose this week
Emily's I'm still upset you didn't want to kiss me on my hometown date look... and I'm glad you did and gave me a rose look.

P.S Was anyone else as {OBSESSED} with this blue one shoulder dress she wore as I was?

At least this week Chantal looked a little more excited after receiving a rose.

Wow Shawntel...not gonna lie, you look pretty mean.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Previously on The Bachelor

Previously on The Bachelor 

{Hometown Dates}

{Brad's first date is with Chantal in Seattle.}

Chantal says that her family is a great judge of character and she will be listening to their input. She tells Brad that she only lives four streets from her parents and visits them often. She introduces him to her pets and tells Brad that they are a package deal. They discuss that he would have to get a larger space to live in. She asks if he has enough closet space and he admits that he definitely doesn't.  

That evening he goes to Chantal’s parent’s luxurious home. He tells her family that the first time he met her she slapped him.  Brad and Chantal’s dad had almost too much in common with each other. They find common ground in the fact that both of them come from nothing. He explains that his dad wasn’t envolved in his life but he assures Chantal's dad that he will be a damned good father. He says that he wants to share his life with someone and asks if he thinks if she is ready to settle down now.

Chantal's mother tells her to follow her heart. She explains that she has feelings again and loves him, but she gets scared and wants to go back to what she knows.

Chantal's father gives him his blessing should he choose his daughter. Chantal finds confirmation in her family and Brad tells Chantal that he sees why she is so exceptional. He feels honored to be accepted in this family and sees a future with her.

{His next visit is with Ashley in Maine.}

Ashley brought up being “disconnected” once again. Ashley explains that French is often spoken there. Brad accidentally replied in Spanish when he is spoken to in French, but manages the order fine. 

They travel about the town and Brad is delighted when they pay by using the honor system at a local vegetable stand.  He really enjoys Madawaska and the small town atmosphere.
Over a family dinner at Ashley's parents house, they toast to the start of whatever comes next with them. Brad reminds them that not only did he choose her, but she chose him as well. Ashley's mom says that if she is not in love with him yet, she is getting there.  Ashley's dad says that she is going to be a dentist and he asks if Brad wants kids. Saying that he is unsure if Ashley is ready yet. Ashley's brother asks if he proposed to her what would she say and she says that she wants to know more about him.

{His next date is with Shawntel in Chico, California.}

She brings him first to where she works, a mausoleum. She says that she feels comfortable with death and wants him to feel the same way. He finds it crazy to think that this is Shawntel's life. She takes him on a tour and shows him the crematorium. He says that if they get married their conversations will center on death. {He does not handle death well} She shows him the prep room and tells him that she spends a lot of time there embalming people. He says he is fascinated, but he is freaked out by everything. He lays on the table looking up at her with a facial mask on and wonders how many dead people have been on that table he is laying on. He says it is a strange, strange experience. {Um..yeah!} He says he has been on a few dates in his life but this is weird and he doesn't need to see a dead body. She says that death is not creepy and there is so much love in the room when people come to her. Brad says that he is impressed by Shawntel and her passion for what she does and it says a lot about her character. Shawntel finds that it is incredible that he was able to do that.

Shawntel takes Brad to meet her parents. She explains that her father has planned for her to take over the family side of the business, but moving to Austin would change that. Her dad shares that he can leave the business in good hands with Shawntel as she is better at it than she is. Shawntel's dad discusses with her that the community would be lost without her being in Chico, pressuring her with the fact that a high school friend died tragically and she was needed there at the business. She explains that if she marries him, she would be going to Austin and she has taken a leap of faith with him. She says that Brad wants to be in Austin and he knows she has strong ties to Chico, and her father says that derails the succession of the business. Before Brad leaves, Shawntel tells him that she is in love with him and says that it feels so good to say it.

{His final date is with Emily in Charlotte, North Carolina.}

When Emily is reunited with her daughter she holds her and tears up.  She tells Rikki that she is bringing a friend home to meet her. Brad meets Rikki and brings her a present, a kite, to fly in the park where they are going to spend their day. Rikki was very shy and would not even give Brad eye contact for awhile. Eventually Rikki laughs when she gets the kite in the air and becomes more comfortable with Brad. Brad explains that he has never dated a woman who has had a little girl before, but he thinks she is sweet and very much like her mother.

They play board games, hide and seek in the playhouse. Rikki falls asleep and they say good night to her. Emily tells Brad that she can see herself falling in love with him. Brad says that he wants to be affectionate with her, but with her daughter upstairs, he can't.  He says he will hug her and hope that shows how much he cares. She doesn't buy it and says that if this thing works out, Rikki will always be upstairs sleeping. She says that she feels that it is so sweet that he is being respectful and is trying hard not to be disappointed. It has been a good day and they don't want to end it on a bad note. She wants a little piece of that and decides that he is not getting out the door without kissing her first. She gets her kiss at the front door and they are both glad that the date didn't end on a bad note.

{After the Hometown Dates} 
Back in New York, Brad and Chris talk about meeting the families. He says that he is reluctant to say goodbye to one of them, but he knows that it will move his relationship forward. He says that his meeting with Chantal O's family was wonderful and he has strong feelings for Chantal.  He was glad to see Ashley be comfortable again and enjoyed her family. He listened to Shawntel talk about her work and realized how much she loves life. He had an amazing time with Emily and was happy to meet her daughter, Rikki. 

{The Rose Ceremony}

Chris tells the ladies that it meant a lot to Brad to visit with them in their hometown and he has told him that at the end of this he fully expects to get down on one knee and propose to one of them. 

Brad gives his first rose to Ashley. 

He gives his second rose to Emily. 

His third rose goes to Chantel O. 

Shawntel tries to smile as she did not receive a rose and has to tell the other women goodbye. Brad walks her out.

He tells Shawntel that he cares for her and thinks highly of her. He says that he didn't feel the way a man should feel when a girl tells him that she loves him. She tells him that he has set the bar for her and has never been treated by a man like he has treated her. Brad tells her that she will find that guy. Shawntel wishes him all happiness and he hopes that she will be happy as well.
Inside Ashley says that it is so scary because that is going to be one of them next week.  Shawntel says that she didn't see it coming and he was so perfect. She hopes she meets someone like him who will treat her like a princess.

Brad returns to the others and he reminds the three remaining that they have had a lot of fun, but now they are going to travel even farther to South Africa. They all laugh and toast to finding love in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Things Kids Say

This afternoon I met up with Brad’s family to get something to eat before their plane left for Disney World. The kids couldn’t be more excited. I couldn’t tell you how many times they asked me if I could go with him. I tried to explain to his 4 year old cousins, Kate and Emily that I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a ticket. Once I said that, Kate looked at me and said “I will ask D.D (her aunt Dee Ann) if she can give you a dollar so you can go, I know she will have one. Then she said hold on let me go ask. So she walked around the table and tapped her aunt on the shoulder and said ” D.D could you please give Amber a dollar so she can get a ticket and fly to Disney World with us?”  You never know what to expect out of this child’s mouth. She is so stinkin’ cute!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Weekend

I have had a very busy, yet fabulous weekend that started on Thursday. I was at work Thursday and then I got a text message from my fiancé telling me that he was at my house! I was completely caught off guard because I knew he was coming to see me but I didn’t know that he had even left yet. (Living 4 hours away from each other is miserable for me.) As soon as I found out he was here, I immediately left work to go see him. I can’t believe for as long as we have been together I still get that excited feeling every time I see him.  Ya know, that butterflies in your stomach almost nervous but so excited feeling? 

Anyways --- So Thursday night, one of our friends was having a birthday dinner so not long after I got home we had to get ready to go to JJ’s.  

JJ's is a bar and grill that recently opened in Arkansas. It is a place with a neat atmosphere, good food and live bands that we go to a little too often. Here is a picture I just had to share from the night....featuring my friend, Shannon.

 HAHA I love everything about this picture!

So while we were at JJ's...Jeff was waiting in line to go to the restroom and found that this guy had much worse of a problem. We were hoping he just sat in something....

Since Brad and I have been building our house, it has been hard to get together and pick stuff out. Much of the day Friday was spent at places like this lovely store:

 We picked out some travertine tile  for our kitchen backsplash, checked on the status of our granite counter tops and purchased rods for our closets. It is getting closer to being done! Here is a sneak peak. 

Shutters and landscaping coming soon.

After we finished all our errands we went home and I cleaned up the house and packed a few things that Brad could take back with him so I can start getting moved out of this house. Oh I dread you so. The beginning of my day was, well.. a little boring. 

Until later:

We ate dinner at local sushi bar, Wasabi. Mmmmmm. Delicious! It's making me want more just thinking about it. After dinner we went out to some of our favorite local bars on Dickson St. Here are a few pictures from the night: 

 He is sitting down and I am in 5 inch heels and we are nearly the same height. Love it!

 Any single ladies interested ??

Mmmmm raspberry vodka and sprite. Yes please. 

So this guy on the far right is who I would like to thank for introducing me to my lovely fiancé. He just got back from serving a year over seas. Glad to have him back! 

Saturday, Brad and I decided to go see a movie. 

Has anyone seen No Strings Attached? I thought it was super cute, and funny too!

Later that night we had dinner at another local restaurant, Hugo's. 

I can't believe that I have lived in Fayetteville for all of this time and never tried it until now.  

After dinner we met up with some friends and none other than JJ's to grab some drinks.  

Unfortunately, Sunday came all too soon and Brad had to leave early to go back and work at the house. I always hate having to tell him bye. But the sooner he gets the house finished, the sooner we will be back together and not in this long distance relationship only being able to see each other every weekend or every other weekend.  

I listed a few items on Craigslist today to hopefully sell before I move. The whole idea kind of freaks me out. I mean it's one thing to sell something online to someone you don't know and just ship it to them, but it's another thing for someone you don't know to come to your house to potentially buy something. 

The movies on TBS have been so good tonight! The Wedding Planner, Hitch and Monster-in-Law are all favorites of mine.

It's almost time for Kourtney and Kim Take New York!! Absolutely love the Kardashians! 


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