Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bachelor - and Now There Are Two

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor
The women are taken to South Africa for safari dates and overnight fantasy suite stays!


Brad takes Chantal on a safari ride. Brad loves experiencing the sights of all the exotic animals together. He and Chantal later have a picnic, where they watch a hippo in the water directly behind them. During lunch, they talk about their relationship and where things may be headed. She admits she is excited to meet his family and he can't wait for her to meet them. He tells her he is the most comfortable with her and his heart has never been this open before.  They joke about not going through the next few weeks and the engagement and getting married now. Chantal becomes serious and says that she wants to get married if they end up engaged, that it is a serious thing to her.  He appreciates her being so honest with him. Brad gives Chantal the invitation to the fantasy suite. They practically sprint to the tree house where they are spending the night. They enjoy the view, wine and making out while the cameras slowly fade away. I wonder how their night ended?

{The lovely tree house they stayed the night in }


When he meets Emily, he tells her to hang tight for a minute while he gets something that he forgot. He surprises her with an elephant ride, which she says is her absolute dream date. Over lunch, they talk about Ricki and how much fun their hometown date was.  She asks Brad if he is ready for a 5 year old to be a part of his life.  He assures her that he is and that he loves that she is a package deal. Later in the evening, he wants to spend every moment with her and gives her the Fantasy Suite card so he can 'get to know her better' and 'talk about things.'  Emily seems uneasy about this because while she wants to spend more time with him, she also wants to set a good example for her daughter. She ends up saying that she will go to get to know him better but their relationship will continue to move slowly. At the suite, they talk some more and she admits she is falling in love with him.  He doesn’t say anything for a moment and then tells her he is falling in love with her too!


As Brad picks up Ashley, they walk for awhile until he takes her to a helicopter. As soon as she saw it, she began running away. Ashley says this is her biggest fear, but she eventually overcomes it and gets in. The view was simply incredible! As they are having a picnic lunch, Brad begins to ask her serious questions about school, work and relocating. Brad told her that she reminded him of himself 10 years ago, when he was single and career driven. He wondered if there would ever be a balance in their relationship or if she would ever consider moving to Austin with him. Over dinner, they talk more about her career and her desire to have it all. He wonders why she never mentioned wanting to live in Austin. She says she has never been there, but won't rule it out...that wherever she lives she wants to be around people she loves He gives her the Fantasy Suite card to reconnect, but the date ended up being a disaster.


Immediately entering the rose ceremony, Brad pulls Ashley aside and talks to her about their disaster date. They talk more about their differences and wonder how it all changed in one date. He sends her home without going through the rose ceremony. He says that it was devastating letting her go, but the first step to the rest of his life.

He gives Chantal and Emily roses and announces they will meet his family this week in Cape Town, South Africa.

Next week on The Bachelor { The Women Tell All } oh the drama we have to look forward to! Look out ladies {and world}, Michelle is back! 

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  1. I always love your recaps! I was happy Ashley went home. I really want Chantal to win Brad's heart, but after last night, I'm really not so sure. I'm thinking Emily. I always knew that he had a special fondness for Emily, but I never thought he'd pick her. Hmm ... what do you think?


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo


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