Monday, February 7, 2011

The best thing about Monday’s...The Bachelor!!

On tonight’s episode of the Bachelor the girls headed to Costa Rica, hoping to fall in love.

They shared the first one on one date in Costa Rica. 
 'Close your eyes, hold on tight, love is in the air tonight.' That is the clue Chantal is given for her second one on one date with Brad. 

Michelle is jealous and hopes Chantal is attacked by apes and monkeys! (She’s crazy!) She tells Britt that she thinks Chantal will be sent home and that she is overly confident it would happen but Britt isn't so sure of that. Brad takes Chantal in a helicopter to where they will be zip-lining. He hopes this adventure will bring back the confident woman he met in the beginning of his journey. However, it begins raining right before they begin. They decide to go for it anyway! They kiss at the end of their adventure (surprise, surprise) and he promises that the best is yet to come. After the zip-lining adventure he takes her to an outdoors picnic style dinner. They end up having to run inside due to the rain. Brad gives her a shirt to wear, complimented her and said she's never looked sexier. They enjoy more food and wine and talk about how this is a real date, and her past insecurities and how she is over them. She gets a rose! 

'Love springs eternal.' Jackie, Michelle, Emily, Ashley, Shawntel and Britt are on the date. This leaves Alli the one on one date. 

As the girls ride over to the date site, they talk about how Chantal came home with the rose in Brad's shirt. Michelle is pissed (what’s new). They find out they are rappelling down a waterfall. Jackie’s biggest fear is heights and is scared that she won’t be able to do it. Michelle is pissed Brad made a pact not to go rappelling with anyone else. He saves her for last and they rappel together. Michelle is suddenly in a great mood. Later in the date, Emily admits to sabotaging her relationships by running away. He can relate, but worries about getting hurt. Michelle wants all the girls to go home.  She is in the hot tub with Brad when they hear screaming but choose to ignore it. (It is Alli freaking out over a bug.) She presses him for information about his relationship with Chantal and he tells her to trust him. It sounds like he is beginning to get irritated with her. No rose is given out because he wants time to think about who truly deserves it.

'Meet me at the altar'

Brad took Alli to an ancient cave in Costa Rica. At the end of the night, he decided that Alli would be someone that he could spend time with every day but there wouldn’t be that connection between them . He sent Alli home.

Michelle decided to sneak over to Brad's hotel to let her know the women he should be sending home and in what order. She also told him how pissed off she was that he didn't give out a rose on the group date. The next night before the rose ceremony, Brad told Michelle he was afraid of the direction him and her were going tonight. Thank you Brad for finally standing up to her! 

Chantal admitted that she has fallen in love with Brad. He asks why? Ahhh why do guys do that?! Seriously if we say it, we mean it. If you ask why then expect to tell us why you love us too! (My fiance,Brad, always does that to me...he knows it irritates me, so he does it often to get a laugh)
I really think that things are going to work out between Chantal and Brad. 

He ended up sending Jackie home tonight. This didn't surprise me one bit. I always thought she was a little odd and they wouldn't have a connection.

My predictions for the final 4: Ashley, Emily, Chantal and Shawntel.

I feel like he will not have the connection with Britt he is looking for and send her home soon. I also think that he will see that Michelle, although beautiful, is crazy and is not what he is looking for. I think that he will send Shawntel home because of her weird occupation, a funeral director….really? He should have sent her home after she was talking about embalming dead people during dinner on their one on one date last week. 

I expect Emily and Chantal to be in the final two. Although I adore Emily and would love him to choose her in the end, I think he will propose to Chantal. I think the next Bachelorette will be Emily! :)



  1. I'm completely agree with your top 4. I'm thinking it will either be Emily and Chantal or Ashley and Chantel in the top 2. I can't believe Michelle is still around!!

  2. I don't like Chantal or Michelle...I'm going for Emily or Shawntel! Even though, as much as I LOVE Emily, she is a bit strange and I don't see that spark that he has with someone like Chantal (still don't like her). Shawntel talked about her job at the funeral home because he asked her so she told him about embalming. I don't know how they can do it because I couldn't, but funeral directors make BANK!


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