Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Monday,'s OK!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Valentine's Day. Some people believe that this holiday is only for those in relationships. I believe that Valentine's Day is a day that should be celebrated for everyone. There is love in all of our lives whether it be from family, friends, a pet or a significant other. We should be thankful for those that mean so much to us in our lives.

So far I have spent my day working...and my plans for the night include watching the bachelor. (I'm obsessed with this show) I wish I was getting to spend Valentine's Day with my fiancé, but living 4 hours a part makes it a little hard to see each other often, especially with our work schedules. With all of this crazy weather in Arkansas lately, I haven't gotten to see him in 2 weeks! It is killing me. I don't see how all of these military girlfriends, fiancées, and wives go so long without seeing each other. We have been apart from one another for 6 months now. I absolutely hate being without him but I believe that being apart has only made our relationship stronger.

Did anyone watch the Grammy's last night? I must say that I was a little surprised by some things. For instance the Best New Artist category winner. Who in the heck is Esperanza? I would have never expected anyone to beat Justin Beiber with all the hype he has. The tribute performance to Aretha Franklin was INCREDIBLE! Those ladies sure can sing.

What did you think about all the fashion? Here are my favorites, and not so favorites of the night.

Kim Kardashian
Okay I have a confession....I am obsessed with the Kardashians....especially Kim. She is so beautiful and has the best style. She looked gorgeous in this gold Kaufman Franco gown. Definitely one of the best dressed on my list for the night. 

Jennifer Lopez
WOW! Did you seriously have twins? She looks stunning in this silver mini and matching Christian Louboutins! One of the best dressed of the night hands down.

Miley Cyrus
LOVE Animal print, love that she not showing too much like she normally does considering her young age, love this look on her. 

Jennifer Hudson
Every time I see her she just looks better and better! She looks incredible! 

Julianne Hough
How gorgeous is she? I swear this girl could wear a paper bag and make it look good. I love this look.

Nicki Minaj
Love leopard, love Nicki Minaj. DO NOT LOVE THIS LOOK! I seriously feel bad for whoever had to sit behind her during the Grammy's. It looks like a huge serving of cotton candy on her head. Sorry Nicki, but this look does not get a best dressed vote from me.  

Florence Welch
There are swans heads on your chest...enough said.

Ricky Martin
Was he wearing platinum Jeggings? Just wondering?

Lady Gaga
Love me some Gaga...but "hatching" from an egg and wearing  the yolk on your head is just weird.

Cee Lo Green
Um...a big bird peacock outfit with a metal chest plate was not what I expected when I heard he was performing for the Grammy Awards. Whoever the stylist was definitely needs to be fired. 
{And then there is the Fashion Police}

I can't wait to see tonight's episode of Fashion Police to see what Joan, Giuliana, George and Kelly have to say about last nights fashion!


  1. I loved your best dressed choices too! I loved Julianne Hough too! So glad you saw my blog post. I meant to swing on by and let you know :) Hope you have a great night! Can't wait for the Bachelor!

  2. Oh my gosh...Julianne!! She looked stunning! I have to go back and edit this post. I always seem to leave something out. I forgot Ricky Martin the first time and had to go back and add him..definitely going to add Julianne.

    Lets see if my bachelor predictions are right tonight. Can't wait!!

  3. I came to visit from Michelle's blog!

    I am excited to read more of your blog.

    I was totally with you on your grammy pics minus Miley. (don't hate me and think I'm a meany since this is our first encounter) But when Ryan was interviewing her, she had some serious side boob going on, and I just thought she looked AWFUL. Possibly the fact that I just don't like her came into play lol.

  4. I missed her interview with Ryan...her hair is covering it in the picture I have so I didn't see any of Miley's tata's. I have never been a Miley fan but for me, this is definitely an improvement. I had to give her some recognition simply for that.

  5. I found your blog from Michelle's! I love the colors of your and black were my wedding colors! ; ) My hubby and I just drove through all the crazy weather in Arkansas! We were coming back from Branson.

    I absolutely love Julianna! She is SO gorgeous! I thought that Miley looked better than normal, too! At least she had some clothes on!!


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