Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Weekend

I have had a very busy, yet fabulous weekend that started on Thursday. I was at work Thursday and then I got a text message from my fiancé telling me that he was at my house! I was completely caught off guard because I knew he was coming to see me but I didn’t know that he had even left yet. (Living 4 hours away from each other is miserable for me.) As soon as I found out he was here, I immediately left work to go see him. I can’t believe for as long as we have been together I still get that excited feeling every time I see him.  Ya know, that butterflies in your stomach almost nervous but so excited feeling? 

Anyways --- So Thursday night, one of our friends was having a birthday dinner so not long after I got home we had to get ready to go to JJ’s.  

JJ's is a bar and grill that recently opened in Arkansas. It is a place with a neat atmosphere, good food and live bands that we go to a little too often. Here is a picture I just had to share from the night....featuring my friend, Shannon.

 HAHA I love everything about this picture!

So while we were at JJ's...Jeff was waiting in line to go to the restroom and found that this guy had much worse of a problem. We were hoping he just sat in something....

Since Brad and I have been building our house, it has been hard to get together and pick stuff out. Much of the day Friday was spent at places like this lovely store:

 We picked out some travertine tile  for our kitchen backsplash, checked on the status of our granite counter tops and purchased rods for our closets. It is getting closer to being done! Here is a sneak peak. 

Shutters and landscaping coming soon.

After we finished all our errands we went home and I cleaned up the house and packed a few things that Brad could take back with him so I can start getting moved out of this house. Oh I dread you so. The beginning of my day was, well.. a little boring. 

Until later:

We ate dinner at local sushi bar, Wasabi. Mmmmmm. Delicious! It's making me want more just thinking about it. After dinner we went out to some of our favorite local bars on Dickson St. Here are a few pictures from the night: 

 He is sitting down and I am in 5 inch heels and we are nearly the same height. Love it!

 Any single ladies interested ??

Mmmmm raspberry vodka and sprite. Yes please. 

So this guy on the far right is who I would like to thank for introducing me to my lovely fiancé. He just got back from serving a year over seas. Glad to have him back! 

Saturday, Brad and I decided to go see a movie. 

Has anyone seen No Strings Attached? I thought it was super cute, and funny too!

Later that night we had dinner at another local restaurant, Hugo's. 

I can't believe that I have lived in Fayetteville for all of this time and never tried it until now.  

After dinner we met up with some friends and none other than JJ's to grab some drinks.  

Unfortunately, Sunday came all too soon and Brad had to leave early to go back and work at the house. I always hate having to tell him bye. But the sooner he gets the house finished, the sooner we will be back together and not in this long distance relationship only being able to see each other every weekend or every other weekend.  

I listed a few items on Craigslist today to hopefully sell before I move. The whole idea kind of freaks me out. I mean it's one thing to sell something online to someone you don't know and just ship it to them, but it's another thing for someone you don't know to come to your house to potentially buy something. 

The movies on TBS have been so good tonight! The Wedding Planner, Hitch and Monster-in-Law are all favorites of mine.

It's almost time for Kourtney and Kim Take New York!! Absolutely love the Kardashians! 

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  1. I used to feel like someone had cut off one of my limbs if I missed a Kardashians episode, but I just can't take them anymore : (

    You guys are a REALLY good looking couple! I can't believe you are so young and getting married... Good for you. (and by so young I mean I still think I'm like 18)

    Looks like you guys had a really great weekend!


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