Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Rose: Before and After

 Ashley didn't seem to be concerned she wouldn't be receiving a rose this week
Emily's I'm still upset you didn't want to kiss me on my hometown date look... and I'm glad you did and gave me a rose look.

P.S Was anyone else as {OBSESSED} with this blue one shoulder dress she wore as I was?

At least this week Chantal looked a little more excited after receiving a rose.

Wow Shawntel...not gonna lie, you look pretty mean.


  1. whoa! shawntel looks slightly evil.

    I keep hearing different things about who is going to win.. emily or chantal.. I can't take it much longer lol
    ok kidding, you know I don't watch

  2. I thought Chantal looked TERRIBLE at this rose ceremony. On my post today I listed a link to the Possesionista blog -- She shows you where to buy Emily's dress!

  3. I loved Emily's dress! I agree with Lo , I thought Chantal didn't look her best. Shawntel definitely looks mean! haha


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