Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Bachelor Recap

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, the ladies headed to Anguilla in hope for love.Tonight’s episode got a little racy.

This was the last episode before the hometown dates. Chris Harrison announced that instead of 3 dates there are 4. Three one on one dates that did not have a rose included and a group date with a rose. 

Date 1Three things I would bring to a deserted island; picnic lunch, champagne, Emily. {How sweet!}

Brad hopes that his relationship with Emily takes off.  They flew in a helicopter to their own private island in the middle of the Caribbean.  Brad admitted that he gets nervous around Emily. He said he cared more for her than he should probably say right now.  He admitted the next rose ceremony he was giving her a rose and he is going to her home town. 

Date 2 – Shawntel - Let’s find love on the streets of Anguilla.
They begin by riding bicycles throughout the town.  They come onto a farmers market. Shawntel was thinking that was her perfect date.  Shawntel told Brad that she was falling in love with him. They ended the night kissing in the rain and listening to a local band.

Date 3 - Britt – Lets set sail on the sea of love.
Michelle thinks their ship will go down fast and not only will they not end up together, they won’t even be facebook buddies.{Who cares?}

Brad has a yacht waiting. He showed her around the shores of Anguilla and takes her cliff jumping. This is really not an idea of a good date to me, especially since you haven't had a chance to get to know one another but that is beyond the point. Britt is terrified but eventually jumps into the water. They sit at the shoreline to talk.  This was altogether an awkward date.There was no connection between them whatsoever. Although he didn’t have a rose to give on the date he told Britt that he did not see a future with her.  Britt thought more time might bring them to that point but Brad is not going to string things along. 

Date 4 – Ashley ,Chantal, Michelle -  This is the dawn of a new love.
Brad woke the girls up in the middle of the night and told them to get dressed and be ready in 10 minutes. They find out they are about to do a photo shoot for sports illustrated. Ashley confesses to everyone that she has no boobs. Although she doesn’t…she sure didn’t mind taking her top off for the camera.

Initally, Chantal was feeling insecure about the way she looked. Once it came time to taking the pictures, you couldn’t tell it one bit. Brad couldn’t take his eyes off of her during her shoot, which really upset Michelle. 

During Michelle’s shoot, she pulled Brad in and made out with him. Ashley and Chantal are pretty upset over this. Michelle says that on a scale from one to ten of how hot it was, it is at least a 15. Brad admitted that he got caught up in the moment with Michelle but that he went too far.

At the pool party, Ashley admits how worried she is about how their personalities mesh and if they connect. Chantal also feels disconnected from Brad on this date.

Brad fears he and Michelle are too much alike by how stubborn they are and she scares him. 

Brad decided to give Ashley the rose on the group date. This guarantees her a hometown date. Chantal takes it hard and breaks down in tears. 

Brad felt there was no need to have a cocktail party tonight because he has already made up his mind on who he is sending home and doesn’t need to string things along. 

Emily gets a rose (as promised), and Shawntel and Chantal receive the remaining roses.

Michelle - NO ROSE FOR YOU! She is sent home. Surprisingly she did not want to say anything to Brad about sending her home.{ I was expecting an epic meltdown!}


  1. I'm pretty sure I screamed at the tv last week when Michelle got a rose... yay for this week!

  2. I think reading this was better than actually watching the episode so thank you!

  3. I always find recaps far more entertaining than the actual episodes! Oh the drama!

  4. I was expecting an epic meltdown too! I want him to pick Emily but I don't think he's going to. She will clearly be the next Bachelorette. =)

  5. Love your recap! You summed it up perfectly! I love Emily, but I defintely don't see them together.

  6. Thank goodness Michelle went home last night! It was about time. Did you notice how Brad admitted that a lot of it was attraction that kept her in. Don't get me wrong, shes gorgeous but she is just CRAZY. I'm still a little shocked Michelle didn't have a meltdown at the end of the show.

  7. Thanks for the recap:-) I never watch the show, but it's always interesting to see what's going on.

    P.S. Just found your cute blog via the lovely Michelle! xoxo

  8. thank YOU for the recap! my DVR is on the fritz, and i missed it...
    and THANK GOD michelle went home, she is just awful...absolutely gorgeous, but awful!


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