Monday, February 28, 2011

{ Weekend Recap }

One. I apologize for my blogging absence lately, I was out of town all weekend trying to clean up the new house that is almost finished! An inspector came by today and said it is 98% completed. It is bittersweet, really. I absolutely love where I am living now. Having to pack up and move 4 hours away soon to a place where I don’t know anyone has been a very stressful thing. On the other hand, I will be living with my fiancĂ© in a house that he and I built together. Before long I will have a new house, new job, new friends, new family and new last name! 

Two. Apparently I slept though an earthquake last night! That’s right…Arkansas had a 4.7 magnitude earthquake. It was felt throughout the whole state and parts of Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi! Yeah….I can pretty much sleep though everything.

Three. I watched the Oscar’s last night…I must say, I wasn’t really impressed. Can someone please tell me why Gwyneth Paltrow has performed at all the awards shows lately? She doesn’t have a bad voice, but definitely isn’t a superstar singer/performer. 

{ I loved these looks }

{ I didn’t like these looks } 

Four. I am not thrilled that I picked up a bunch of moving boxes yesterday and will be spending the majority of the week packing. I have no idea where to start!

Five. I absolutely love it when it storms during the night. I sleep sooooo good.  That must be why I slept though an earthquake?? As I left for work this morning I saw this lovely thing on the road.

Yes, that is a catfish. Bentley didn't know what to think about that thing.

Six. I am loving this new nail polish. Essie Fiji. 


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