Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Been Going On

It has been ONE WEEK since my last blog post...
so much has been going on lately.

Last Friday was my last day in Fayetteville. :(
It was my last day of work. (sad day)
and time to tell every one goodbye.
After work, I went back to the place I've called home for the past 3 years finish packing completely. {very sad}
Later that night, Brad and his step-dad Mark came to help with the move.

The next morning we got up bright and early.
Brad and Mark went to get the moving truck as I stayed home cleaning up.
All of a sudden, it starts POURING. What are the odds?
Shortly was HAILING.
Oh my goodness...this is going to be a long / terrible day {I thought}
Luckily, once they were back with the truck, the rain and hail stopped.

It took us about 3 hours to get everything loaded up.
Then another 4 hours to drive to the new house.
I was exhausted by the time we got there but there was so much more to do.
Brad's mom and mamaw were there to help us get everything unpacked.
I am so thankful they were all there helping us.
Moving can be so overwhelming.
Just trying to get everything unpacked and finding a place for it is exhausting.

It got to a point where we just had to call it a night.
Brad's parents came back Sunday and stayed until about 5:00 to help out again.

It has been a few days and I am almost done! Of course there is so many things I would like to buy or change out...but that will come in time. 
After I get everything put out I will definitely take pictures and share with all of you.

I am trying to get adjusted to all these wifely duties again. It has been 8 months since Brad and I lived I haven't been used to all the laundry, cooking bigger meals and cleaning up after someone else. 

On another note...

I had a job interview yesterday!
Brad's mom called me and let me know about this job that was opening up soon....her good friend that told her about it  {who happens to be my neighbor} let her know because she knew I would be needing a job.
This job is for an activities and event coordinator. 
Sounds kinda fun, right?
Well the interview went well and I met a few great people at the same time that were so helpful.
One woman asked if she could take my resume with her and began calling other people she knew asking if they had anything available. {She was so helpful}
She called a woman in the HR department at the hospital and told her that I would be coming by so I ended up heading over to the hospital to give her my resume and putting in an application there too.

{So stay tuned to see if anything comes of this}


Thursday, March 24, 2011

50 Things About Me

{I'm newly engaged.}
I'm a college graduate.
{I can be a little OCD.}

I like things neat.
{I like things clean.}
I clean when I'm bored.
{I clean when I am mad.}
I clean when something is on my mind.
{I like my closet to be color coordinated.}
I like towels to be folded a certain way.
{I like things to smell good.}
I love the smell of freshly baked cookies.
{I like to shop.}
I like statement necklaces.
{I like big rings.}
I like monogrammed things.
{I like to wear my hair teased.}
I like Starbucks white chocolate mochas
{I would wear a dress every day if I could.}
I love spring weather.
{I love college football games.}
I like my life to be somewhat ROUTINE.
{I like reality TV shows.}
I like Diet Dr. Pepper.
{I love kids.}
I would rather shop alone than with other people.
{I love the smell of coffee.}
I'm fascinated with forensics.
{I don't think I could ever have too many shoes or purses.}
I cannot go anywhere without my cell phone.
{I love to decorate.}
I love sparkly things.
{I love large mirrors.}
I like leopard print.
{I like bright accent colors in decor.}
I love to find new beauty products that are must haves from then on.
{I love thunderstorms.}
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
{In my mind, my dog is my child.}
I enjoy "me days"
{I love big sunglasses.}
I like to find great deals on things.
{I love the beach}
I like zebra print.
{I love tufted furniture.}
I like to go on walks to think about things.
{I love a great pair of heels.}
I like to listen to rap and r&b more than any other type of music.
{I love looking at pictures}
I cannot wait to get married.


ABC's of Me

A. Age - 23
B. Bed - King

CChore you hate - I used to hate mopping but now I have a steam mop and love it. My least favorite would have to be sweeping. I would vacuum everything if I could. 

D. Dogs - My sweet baby boy Bentley

E. Essential start to your day -I am NOT a morning I need some caffeine to get me going

F. Favorite color - Turquoise

G. Gold or Silver - I used to hate gold but now I have many things gold. I like them both.

H. Height - 5'4

I. Instrument you play - Unfortunately I am not talented in the music department

J. Job title - Currently interior design / assistant but will soon be moving and looking for a new job

K. Kids - None at the moment

L. Live - In Arkansas
M. Mom's name - Laura
N. Nickname - In high school I was called "Amba" and that went away for awhile until Brad's cousins couldn't say the "r" at the end of my name and the "Amba" returned
O. Overnight hospital stay - Luckily, none. 

P. Pet peeves 
Catching people in lies
Getting behind extremely slow drivers
People that don't use their turn signals 
Bad hair days
When I try to talk to Brad and he is "focusing" or "trying to figure something out" and it seems like everything is going in one ear and out the other
Dirty dishes left in the sink and not put in the dishwasher *ahem, Brad*
Things not put back in their place
Bad language
Backed up traffic due to construction
When I JUST clean the sink and Brad shaves
When things don't go as planned
When I get a pedicure and it chips within the next day or two
Rude people
When you find an adorable top or dress but can't find it in your size
Skinny jeans on men
When people wait 10 minutes on a parking space and have cars behind them that can't get around
Misbehaved children in public
When toilet paper is pulled from the bottom and not the top
Ppl tht txt lk ths
People that borrow stuff and never give it back
Junk mail

Q. Quote from a movie - "Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away." - Hitch

R. Righty/Lefty - Righty

S. Siblings - 4 
2 older brothers: Brian and Aaron
2 younger sisters: Celeste and Rachel

T. Time you wake up - Usually whenever Brad or Bentley wake me up

U. Underwear - Victoria Secret

V. Veggies you dislike - asparagus, brussel sprouts

W. What makes you run late - when Bentley knows I am leaving and will not come back inside

X. X-rays you've had - Too many! Elbow 3 times, wrist once, head once or twice (they did this to check my allergies?? ) I think that is all

Y. Yummy food you make - Whatever I am in the mood to cook

Z. Zoo animal - Panda

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a DEAL !!!

 The Today Show often features incredible deals.

How FABULOUS is this deal!

*** Code TODAYBAG ***

Retail price: $380
Discount price: $58

Percent discount: 85% off! 

 I have a feeling I am going to LOVE this bag!
How could you not?
You can carry it in 5 different ways
I can't wait till this comes in !!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Recap


Only 6 more days until Brad and I move into our new house! 
I'm anxious, but a little nervous. 
I love that we will be living together a house that him and I built together
But...there is NOTHING to do where we will be living
{for me, anyways}
 I do not know anyone other than his family there
I do not know where I am going to work
and there is NOWHERE TO SHOP


 This weekend Brad had to work nights and his grandmother {a.k.a Mamaw}  spent the weekend with Brad's mom to go get her hair Brad's grandfather {a.k.a Papaw} and I got some quality time together. 

Friday nights, if I am home, you can guarantee I am watching Say Yes to the Dress.
So Friday night...papaw and I watched about 3 episodes.
I think he enjoyed it a little more than he will admit.

Every time a bride-to-be came out of the dressing room he made a comment about how it looked on her.  Good or bad, he had something to say.
The episode he really got into happened to feature a larger bride that wanted a style dress that did not flatter her figure at all.
If papaw had things his way, Brad and I would just buy new pairs of blue jeans and not even "waste" all that money on a dress. can guarantee that won't be happening!


When I got back to Fayetteville, I received all the "goodies" I recently ordered: F21 clothes, fabulous turquoise necklace and earrings and my leopard clutch! I LOVE it all :)


Other than cleaning up the new house...that was pretty much my weekend so far. I have quite a bit of packing and cleaning to get done before Saturday.
I can't believe this is my last week in Fayetteville!!! 

Fabulous Living Rooms

Living Room 

Neutral Spaces 
Fabulous Furniture
Pops of Color
Great Light Fixtures
Built Ins
Great Accessories

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding Inspiration : The Send Off

What is your favorite wedding send off? 

Are there any that you know of that I didn't post?

{Wedding Bells}
 {Flower Petals}


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love This Video

I had to share this video I just saw with everyone.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Did She Really Say That?

Did anyone see the Today show this morning where Paula Deen guest hosted with Hoda?
Paula Deen is SO FUNNY
Her laugh is so infectious
The best part was her discussing finding out the sex of her unborn grandchild.

If you do not want to watch the whole video, skip to the time 2:00 - 5:15 for a good laugh!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This weekend my oldest brother Brian and his family came to visit me in Fayetteville. I loved being able to see him, his wife Tracy and my two nieces. 

After spending time with the family, Brad and I began packing up more stuff and fitting all that we could in a U-Haul trailer. It barely looks like we have gotten anything moved out of this house, but we are getting there.

***What a fun way to spend a Saturday night***

Sunday morning he left to get back to work at the house. Basically he came to pack, sleep, wake up and he before I knew it, he was gone. {Sad day} but at least I got to see him this weekend.
After he left I attempted packing more things.

His Aunt's birthday was Sunday, so a lot of his family came into town and asked me to go shopping with them. Of course I couldn't say no. 
I posted some of the items that I got when I was shopping with them. If you read the previous post, I said that I was thinking "why didn't I buy that purse" after I left the store. of the reasons I didn't get it then is because Brad's mom and I both liked it, and they had two of them...but she didn't want her mom to feel left out if we both got one. So she and I both talked ourselves out of it since they didn't have 3 purses. 
I had to run to the mall for work yesterday and I happened to ask them if they could ship one in from another store and they said they could. So I purchased 3 purses and the next time I see them I will surprise them with theirs. 
I am really into leopard right now and it was a great deal that I couldn't pass up!!
I cannot seem to get past this "Spring Fever" shopping mood that I have been in lately. 

My favorite color is turquoise. I happened to be browsing eBay last night and came across this gorgeous necklace and guess how much it cost?
I couldn't believe it and I absolutely could NOT say no!

Like I said before...I am really into leopard right now. How fun is this new clutch?

Things are wrapping up at our new house. I found this fab mirror today at one of my favorite furniture stores.

It's not as bright and coppery looking in person as it is in this picture but you get the idea. I purchased this for our guest bathroom and it's HUGE but I would love it in many other rooms in the house if I find something else for the bathroom later on. 


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Final Rose

{The Season Finale of The Bachelor}
Brad's family comes to South Africa to meet the final two ladies. Brad greets them, breaks into tears, and begins talking about how important these women are to him. His brother truly believes that this time is different.

Chantal is the first of the two women to visit Brad and his family.
Chantal said when she stepped out of the limo and met Brad, just knew he was the one. She talks about their dates and how the best ones were every day, ordinary things. The family immediately likes her. Brad’s brothers, Chad and Wes talk to her privately to make sure she is ready for marriage. Chantal said that she is so ready that she would marry him on the spot. This impresses Chad and thinks it screams her feelings to him. Chantal talks to his mom about her first marriage and what she learned from it. She says Brad is the right person and he is making the journey easy for her. Brad’s mom appreciates how open and warm she is.

Brad’s face lit up the moment he saw Emily {so adorable}.
She brings them flowers and admits she is nervous. Wes notices how reserved she is. They discuss Emily’s hometown date and Brad getting to meet her daughter Ricki.
Wes asks how Ricki's dad would feel about Emily and Ricki moving to Austin if her and Brad were engaged. Brad immediately gets protective over Emily and the question his brother asked, making sure it was okay for them to discuss Emily’s past. Emily talks about her ex-fiance's death and how grateful she is to have her little girl. Everyone, is in tears {including me}.
Brad’s mom appreciates how Emily trusted Brad to meet her daughter. She is so grateful and blessed to have Brad. She hopes she is the one, but thinks anybody would be lucky to have him. To her, Brad is her angel.

{After both women met Brad's family}
Brad realizes he has some tough decisions ahead of him. He talks to his family about the women and they tell him they like both of them, but for different reasons.  Brad's mom thinks Emily is the whole package, and thinks that is who he will marry.

On their last date together they swim with sharks. This is something Chantal is scared to do, but is willing to do for Brad. He appreciates how she is always willing to overcome her fears.  Later that night, they meet up in her hotel room. They share wine and talk about their relationship. She made a map showing how she traveled the world with him. Her gift also came with a story she wrote about how much she loves him and wants him to choose her.

Brad takes Emily away in a helicopter to show her to the Cape of Good Hope. She says she is finally in love again and thinks Brad is someone she can spend the rest of her life with. 
They talk about her time with his family and how things will change once Ricki is permanently in the picture. She knows she is in love with him but is insecure. She fears sabotaging  what they have and hopes she doesn't ruin it.
Later that night, Brad says that he wants the chance to be a father, not a stepfather. He promises not to replace her biological father. He just wants to be a real father to her.  She warns him it won't always be fun. He is firm and says he is ready for it all. She wants to make sure there are no surprises.  He is getting mad because she keeps pushing that it isn't all fun, but she wants him to be in it for the long haul.  He promises her he cares enough about her to be there for them.  She hopes he considers everything before making his choice and reassures him that she wants him.  He feels as if he has been knocked down and leaves her thinking she messed everything up.

{After the dates}
He looks back at each woman as the three of them get ready for the big day. He loves Emily, but wonders if she is ready to be married. He is comfortable with Chantal and loves their passion.
Chantal wants to continue their love story.
Emily knows she is in love with Brad and can't remember the last time she was this happy.
Everyone is terrified as to what is to come and leaving heartbroken.

{Choosing THE RING}
Brad meets with Neil Lane to pick out the ring. He says that this time it is right and he is ready to pick out a ring.  Whoever gets this ring is one lucky lady it is {GORGEOUS}

Chantal comes out of the limo to see Brad one last time. He tells her what she means to him and how strong their relationship is. Sadly, his feelings for someone else are stronger. As she cries, he holds her and he tells her what they had is real and he took everything she had to heart. Right now, it is only a matter of him having stronger feelings for someone else. Chantal thinks Emily is lucky, but it sucks. He promises her he cares about her and they say goodbye one last time.
Emily comes out of the limo with Brad nervously waiting for her.She is in love with Brad and ready for this next step in her life. To her, it is the biggest life changer since giving birth.
Brad keeps telling her how stunning she looks and how she takes his breath away.They hug and after some small talk of how wonderful they both look, he talks about his journey and the leap of faith he has taken. He stutters and apologizes. He says all it took was coming here to find her. He says she is the one and his once in a lifetime. He wants to be her forever, her best friend and wants to protect her and her daughter. He says he loves her and gets down on one knee and says please make me happier than I have ever been in my entire life, marry me. She of course accepts.  

{After the Final Rose}
Chantal comes back to face Brad for the first time since she was sent home on the finale. She asks him questions about when he knew she wasn't the one and why he kept her there. Brad is timid in answering her questions. We find out that since the show, Chantal has met someone that she very much cares for.
Emily and Brad reunite for the first time in a month. Brad was so excited to see her but there seemed to be tension between them. They admitted that since the proposal that their relationship hasn't been "all roses." They had set two wedding dates, but obviously neither of them ended up working out. They broke up once, but got back together. Emily says that she has found that Brad has a temper, but she too has one of her own. They talk about other things that have set them apart and Emily admits that she wants that time to get to know him better before they say I do. She also admitted that she is not ready to move to Austin, which was a shocker to the audience. Emily also said how hard it was to watch the show and the things that Brad said to other women. She said that if Brad admitted how he fell for her so early then there was clearly things that he should not have said to other women. She said that is also one reason why she hasn't married him yet.
The show brought back previous couples that lasted from The Bachelor. These couples talk about their relationships and also give advice to Emily and Brad.

I'm so sad that this season of The Bachelor is over...
The second season of Bachelor Pad is scheduled for this summer.
May 23rd is the season premiere of The Bachelorette!!

Ashley Hebert was announced tonight as the next Bachelorette... I really wasn't a huge fan of hers but I hope she grows on me once the season starts. What are your thoughts about tonight's finale and Ashley H. being the next bachelorette?


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