Thursday, March 24, 2011

ABC's of Me

A. Age - 23
B. Bed - King

CChore you hate - I used to hate mopping but now I have a steam mop and love it. My least favorite would have to be sweeping. I would vacuum everything if I could. 

D. Dogs - My sweet baby boy Bentley

E. Essential start to your day -I am NOT a morning I need some caffeine to get me going

F. Favorite color - Turquoise

G. Gold or Silver - I used to hate gold but now I have many things gold. I like them both.

H. Height - 5'4

I. Instrument you play - Unfortunately I am not talented in the music department

J. Job title - Currently interior design / assistant but will soon be moving and looking for a new job

K. Kids - None at the moment

L. Live - In Arkansas
M. Mom's name - Laura
N. Nickname - In high school I was called "Amba" and that went away for awhile until Brad's cousins couldn't say the "r" at the end of my name and the "Amba" returned
O. Overnight hospital stay - Luckily, none. 

P. Pet peeves 
Catching people in lies
Getting behind extremely slow drivers
People that don't use their turn signals 
Bad hair days
When I try to talk to Brad and he is "focusing" or "trying to figure something out" and it seems like everything is going in one ear and out the other
Dirty dishes left in the sink and not put in the dishwasher *ahem, Brad*
Things not put back in their place
Bad language
Backed up traffic due to construction
When I JUST clean the sink and Brad shaves
When things don't go as planned
When I get a pedicure and it chips within the next day or two
Rude people
When you find an adorable top or dress but can't find it in your size
Skinny jeans on men
When people wait 10 minutes on a parking space and have cars behind them that can't get around
Misbehaved children in public
When toilet paper is pulled from the bottom and not the top
Ppl tht txt lk ths
People that borrow stuff and never give it back
Junk mail

Q. Quote from a movie - "Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away." - Hitch

R. Righty/Lefty - Righty

S. Siblings - 4 
2 older brothers: Brian and Aaron
2 younger sisters: Celeste and Rachel

T. Time you wake up - Usually whenever Brad or Bentley wake me up

U. Underwear - Victoria Secret

V. Veggies you dislike - asparagus, brussel sprouts

W. What makes you run late - when Bentley knows I am leaving and will not come back inside

X. X-rays you've had - Too many! Elbow 3 times, wrist once, head once or twice (they did this to check my allergies?? ) I think that is all

Y. Yummy food you make - Whatever I am in the mood to cook

Z. Zoo animal - Panda


  1. I love your list of things that annoy you! :) You are stunning! Love that pic of you. :)

  2. soo with you on the caffeine jump start.
    We are the same age and height so yay!
    I plan to be the proud owner of a California King someday...
    Your dog is presh!
    Skinny jeans on men should be a crime.
    I actually really like asparagus.


  3. Love learning more about you! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pet peeves, I agree!!! Your dog is adorable and I seriously love vacuuming! Hope you link up with me and share more about Arkansas :)

  4. Loved learning more about you!

    I'm with you on all those pet peeves!


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