Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Graduating from College?!

{This picture reminds me of my high school days}

{This cap and gown picture reminds me even more of my high school days.}

{This makes graduating from The University of Arkansas a little more realistic.}

I had no idea they were doing pictures when I went to campus recently to pick up my cap and gown. Luckily I looked somewhat presentable. I finished my undergrad in December, but UA only has commencement in that means I graduate in 11'....oh well...
  I just received an e-mail with the proofs and forwarded them to Brad. He said "haha it's like you're in high school" which was my original thought too. I then asked him if he was ordering any and he replied by saying "no, I see your face enough." {Not that I expected him to order any anyways, but his reply was pretty funny}
Here are a few pictures of our lovely campus:
Starting with the first class of 1876, every University of Arkansas graduate’s name is etched into sidewalk throughout the campus.{ I love this about the university}

 My name should be etched somewhere in front of the the Greek Theatre {picture shown above}

Since I have been off of campus {December}, there have been so many new additions. There have been retail stores / businesses added such as a fabulous Clothing Boutique, 2 story bookstore with Clinique counter inside, Salon and Spa,  a Frozen Yogurt place and a WAL-MART....yes I said it...WAL-MART! It's Unbelievable!



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