Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This weekend my oldest brother Brian and his family came to visit me in Fayetteville. I loved being able to see him, his wife Tracy and my two nieces. 

After spending time with the family, Brad and I began packing up more stuff and fitting all that we could in a U-Haul trailer. It barely looks like we have gotten anything moved out of this house, but we are getting there.

***What a fun way to spend a Saturday night***

Sunday morning he left to get back to work at the house. Basically he came to pack, sleep, wake up and he before I knew it, he was gone. {Sad day} but at least I got to see him this weekend.
After he left I attempted packing more things.

His Aunt's birthday was Sunday, so a lot of his family came into town and asked me to go shopping with them. Of course I couldn't say no. 
I posted some of the items that I got when I was shopping with them. If you read the previous post, I said that I was thinking "why didn't I buy that purse" after I left the store. 
Well...one of the reasons I didn't get it then is because Brad's mom and I both liked it, and they had two of them...but she didn't want her mom to feel left out if we both got one. So she and I both talked ourselves out of it since they didn't have 3 purses. 
I had to run to the mall for work yesterday and I happened to ask them if they could ship one in from another store and they said they could. So I purchased 3 purses and the next time I see them I will surprise them with theirs. 
I am really into leopard right now and it was a great deal that I couldn't pass up!!
I cannot seem to get past this "Spring Fever" shopping mood that I have been in lately. 

My favorite color is turquoise. I happened to be browsing eBay last night and came across this gorgeous necklace and guess how much it cost?
I couldn't believe it and I absolutely could NOT say no!

Like I said before...I am really into leopard right now. How fun is this new clutch?

Things are wrapping up at our new house. I found this fab mirror today at one of my favorite furniture stores.

It's not as bright and coppery looking in person as it is in this picture but you get the idea. I purchased this for our guest bathroom and it's HUGE but I would love it in many other rooms in the house if I find something else for the bathroom later on. 



  1. I love leopard and TURQUOISE too! eBay is awesome! Love the mirror! Seriously can't wait till your house is ready and you're moved in, so I can see pics!

  2. your family is precious!

    And how sweet of you to find that purse for all 3 of you!

    I am dying over that turquoise necklace! and the fact that it was 5 dollars!


  3. Hey! You blog is fab! Just wanted to say hi, I am your newest follower! :)


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