Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

It seems like it takes forever for Friday to finally get here and then before I know it, it is already Sunday night! I spent a lot of my week packing, or might I say figuring out what to pack. You don't realize how much stuff you really have until you have to pack it! I have been trying to load up my car with whatever I can take and store in the attic. That way once the actual moving day comes it will no be so bad {hopefully}. 

 I love weekends because I that means I get to see Brad! :)  I am so thankful for him and everything he has done for me....for instance, buying me my Acura which I adore...but I do not like how much gas has went up lately. Last weekend I paid $3.47/ gallon...this weekend:

This weekend I headed down to see Brad again and help out with the house. By helping out, I mean clean. That is really the excitement of my weekend. Here are a few pictures of the house. It's almost done! All we have left is to: finish painting, get appliances installed, put hardware on cabinets, install carpet, install blinds, get mirrors and shower doors made for the bathrooms, and stain the entry door. :)  Then we have a ton of landscaping to do! Here is a sneak peak at some of the inside.

Love, love, love my kitchen! Still waiting on the pendant lights to come in, finish painting, back splash, put in appliances and add hardware.

   Living room built ins.  Those cabinet doors go on the bottom half and the whole thing has adjustable shelving. 

Brad's cousin Megan also got engaged over the weekend. Congratulations Megan and Erik!! Her brother Tyler rode down with me to help Erik set everything up for their engagement. It was so sweet. I absolutely love hearing all about peoples engagements. There have been 4 people in Brad's family that recently got engaged!!! Love it!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your house! I can't wait to see it as you guys move in! Congrats -- it's so exciting!

  2. I'm quite jealous of your new digs ma'am... when I come to Arkansas (cause ya know i come there so much hahah) can I come visit? I'll bring wine!

    Can we be let in on some of your wedding plans?! Like ideas for all the little things?


  3. I'm loving the new house! I know you can't wait to get moved in and start decorating!


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