Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Did you wake up early to watch the royal wedding?

With the eyes of the world watching, Prince William and Catherine Middleton became husband and wife today – they are now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Unfortunately I had to work today so I did not wake up at 4 am to start watching. I had my DVR set and was able to watch the ceremony and the first kiss as I was getting ready for work.  {I plan on watching more tonight}

Since today was the royal wedding, I wore this FAB diamond and tanzanite ring from work all day in their honor.

Back to the Royal Wedding.  

Kate was STUNNING! 
I honestly thought that this was a very classic and modern choice for her. Of course she looks gorgeous in anything and everything!

I loved how the sermon began by saying, "Every wedding is a royal wedding." 

LOVE that. 

They exchanged vows to love, comfort, honor and keep to each other forever.
They decided to remove “obey” from the vows. I don’t blame them…I don’t want to put “obey” in mine either! HAHA

I also loved how nervous Prince William and Kate were! The nervous smiles were adorable. Kate looked so sweet and I could tell as they said their "I do's" that they were just like every other couple. Nervous yet excited. 

 LOVED it, almost cried, really. Did you guys get emotional too? And when the ring  {a classic gold band taken from traditional Welch gold} didn't slide smoothly in, I got nervous for them. Did you see that? 

I just was just as excited to see both Prince William and Kate now Dutch and Dutches of Cambridge, come out on the balcony to see how many people have gathered outside just to sneak a peak at the "kiss". The first kiss was so quick. A peck, really Kate and Will?! I guess if 2 billion people were watching me I would be a little nervous too. Can you imagine all those people just waiting to see you kiss?!

How adorable is this little girl covering her ears?! I can only imagine how loud it was with all of those people there celebrating the royal wedding. 

There where so many hats to see!
Such a pretty one worn by the fab Victoria Beckham. What do you think about her? I loved it, she looks fab, even when she's preggo. ..and did you notice David? I thought so. :)

Here are some other beautiful looks:

And then there were the NO! WHY would you do that?! Really?!!

There is NO WAY I would EVER be caught wearing that. Just Sayin'. 

The cake was FABULOUS!

 What a sweet get away in the vintage Aston Martin 

Overall, I loved this....of course! 
What are your thoughts on the  Royal Wedding?


  1. I had a little "oh sheeet" thought when the ring was stuck, but it all worked out.

    I wasn't that into the whole thing yet there I was at 6am watching... stupid me lol. No worries though, I napped.

    Ummm yea Fergie's daughters didn't look so hawt.

    Kate Middleton is so classic and beautiful she reminds me of Grace Kelly.

    Oh and I am only admitting this to you and my friend Rachel.... I was like durn it! a little about the lace sleeves because I've wanted a long sleeved lace wedding dress for ummm 10 years. And now they're saying this is going to be a trend! I dont want to be part of a trend... oh wait I won't be married until 2037 : /

    longest comment ever. sorry!


  2. The whole wedding was perfect! Such a fairytale! I loved it and am still obsessing over it! William looked handsome and Kate was stunning!!!

  3. The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL! Couldn't have been more perfect. I honestly expected so much more from the dress, but was extremely pleased at the same time how it looked like something she would wear normally-fabulous choice-timeless. I was barely awake through the vows, but I got butterflies when the ring didn't want to slip on! The little girl holding her ears-precious!

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