Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Day.....

One day my closet will look like one of these.

It will happen.

Brad, I hope you are reading this and starting a savings account for my dream closet :)


  1. These closets are amazinggggg!!! I'd be happy with a closet half the size!! Great picks!

  2. im a fan of the first, second, and third closets. I would even settle for not having the chandelier :) i mean id go for a closet like that over a laundry room and pantry-that way i wouldnt have to do laundry and i wouldnt have food so i would be skinny! :)

  3. I dream of the day when I can design my own closet however I wish!! And in the meantime, I'll continue collecting the content for my dream closet :) Hope you're having a good week! Virginia


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