Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Randoms

This weekend was filled with some fun and not so fun activities.

I'll start with the not so fun....

Brad and I are finally getting settled in the house.
Everything inside has been pretty much finished now for awhile.

Since we just built the house and moved in, we haven't done any landscaping.
Until this weekend.

That's right. This girl right here PLANTED!
I know NOTHING about it.
Brad and I went to a greenhouse earlier in the week to decide what kind of shrubs and stuff to purchase. The employees were looking at us like we are idiots but really....what 23/24 year old knows what kind of shrubs to plant, how far away from the house to put them and how much water it requires? NOT US!

Friday we began adding fertilizer and putting in frames for the flower beds and Saturday was the day to plant. Ehhh.... I am not a fan of it..... however .... it is starting to look a little more "welcoming" outside our door.


When are gas prices going back down? $50 to fill up my CAR is a little crazy....


On a brighter note...

I joined the gym on Friday! WOOOHOOO
I worked out at 12:30 and there was ONE person in there besides me.

How am I supposed to meet people?!
I couldn't believe there was only one other person in there besides me. 

Saturday night I got to get all dressed up in this little number:

Occasion: Fundraiser at Country Club
Dress: White House Black Market
Shoes: Bakers
Jewelry: Masons (Fayetteville, AR) 
Nails: OPI - Got the Blues for Red

I absolutely love any excuse to get dressed up. When I moved here and had my first interview I met this incredible woman named Catherine Anne. She is the absolute sweetest person! She is also involved in EVERYTHING! She asked me to go to this event with her to get to know other people in the community. I met so many great people last night and had an incredible time.  I wish I would have gotten some pictures at the event but this is all I've got.

I am SO EXCITED to try this new purchase out!
I have read a few posts from fellow bloggers about this had had to get it while I was in Wal-Mart today.

Hello perfect poof for $3.37


and finally
tonight is the season premiere of Khloe & Lamar!

I absolutely LOVE the excited this show is finally airing!


  1. You look so pretty! Love your hair and dress! I can't wait to see pictures of your landscaping and outside of your house! I'm glad to hear things are going well! :)

  2. For an amazing Poof, you need Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. Its a powder and is about $30 for a tiny bottle but you only need a little bit and it is AMAZING. like seriously you will wake up the next morning after a night out and your poof will still be there!
    Trust me on this one, everyone asks me how i poof my hair so good and big and thats my answer !

  3. that's so nice to be asked to go to a fun event with a friend. i hope you met lots of new friends.

    and i feel you on the gas. everytime i have to drive somewhere i cringe. it almost took me $50 to fill up my little VW Jetta last week.

  4. Good work on the yard work, it will be worth it. :) You looked hot girl! And good work on the gym! Watching Kloe right now ha ha!

  5. great job doing to yard work and YAY for joining the gym! ahh i completely forgot to watch Kloe last night! hopefully i can sometime today! xo love the dress pretty girl!

  6. You look great! Glad you had a good weekend :)

  7. congrats on landscaping! i wouldnt know where to start!!! hope u had a nice weekend!

  8. i got the comb set too haha i saw allison post about it and def had to go get it!


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