Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

{I'm Loving}

Bethenny Ever After is currently one of my favorite shows. Although I never really got into Real Housewives of New York or her spin off show Bethenny Getting Married...I have quickly become a fan of this show. This girl does not hold back. She is true to who she is and speaks her mind. I love her personality and the fact that she isn't afraid to say anything.
 I have also wanted to try this little creation of hers:

Has anyone tried the Skinny Girl Margarita?

{I'm Loving}
The Royal Wedding  is April 29

I couldn't be more excited for this wedding. I have this odd obsession with the royal family. I love Kate's style and know that she will look stunning in whatever dress she wears. I can only imagine the stress she is going through right now considering how much this wedding is in the spotlight around the world.

{I'm Loving}
Jennifer Lopez was announced People's Most Beautiful Woman in the WORLD

This girl is glamorous and is beautiful inside and out. I haven't seen all the other people named as beautiful/handsome in this issue but I think that she was a good choice as most beautiful.

{I'm loving}
This video

This guy is incredible
I don't see how this is even possible....
I'm impressed!

{I'm Loving}
That I was worried that I couldn't have my Starbucks Coffee since I recently moved and THERE IS NO STARBUCKS here (depressing)....but the gym I recently joined has a coffee shop inside that brews Starbucks. HALLELUJAH !!


  1. ahh I'm obsessing over the wedding also!

  2. I'm a sucker for People magazine!

  3. I can't find the skinny girl marg in Canada! BOO! Love tumblers! I used to be a gymnast. They are pretty impressive. :)

  4. I love Keep Calm posters! I love J Lo! I think she's gorgeous! I love to see what she's wearing on IDOL! I'm obsessed with the Royal Wedding too! Can't wait!

  5. I love everything about this post and I just might have to borrow your Starbucks sign!

  6. Oh! I've wanted to try the Skinny Girl Margs too! :)

    Lauren @ tickled.

  7. Thanks for playing along!

    That video is CRAZY!

  8. I love Jennifer Lopez as well! I used to live in Arkansas and the closest Starbucks to us was in Little Rock at least 45 min. away. It was torture. So I feel your pain! :) Love the sign.

  9. i've been wanting to try the skinny girl margarita but i've heard that it's disgusting in reviews, so it makes me hesitate at buying it for fear of hating it! :(
    i'm sure since it's a skinny drink they had to skimp a little and maybe as a result it doesn't taste as good, i don't know!

  10. um... YES i am so glad someone else is SO excited about the royal wedding!!! so intriguing, cant wait!


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