Saturday, May 7, 2011

{Fab} Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend
Outfit of the day

Mother's Day Weekend has been a good and eventful weekend. Brad's Mammaw and I headed to Conway to meet up with Brad's mom and the rest of the ladies in his family. 

As you all know...I have been engaged for awhile but we have not figured out a venue or date for the big day.

As soon as I met up with Brad's family, his mom took me to see a few possible venues. The first one was a cute little chapel but definitely not for me. The second one I absolutely fell in love with. {As did everyone else} I really think this is going to be the place I say I DO!

After we checked out the wedding venues, we had lunch and then went shopping. I graduate next weekend and absolutely HAD to find a dress. So here is my problem....starting out, I find A LOT of really cute stuff I would wear on a daily basis. Naturally, I kept gravitating towards that. Seriously ladies, I found and red/black dress and was thinking how cute it would be to wear to a Razorback game. FOCUS AMBER FOCUS!

The next store I went in was just incredible. I think I just about tried on the entire store and honestly I could have bought nearly everything I tried on. I managed to just leave with 5 dresses....but that includes a graduation dress! YAY.

So as we went into the next store, I got a phone call from my mom and her, my dad and youngest sister happened to be driving through town on their way home so decided to meet up with us.

Shortly after we went WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! We were not planning on it at all but there was a place a couple doors down so why not? This was my first time to try them on and I was definitely excited about it. Unfortunately, I did not find  "the dress" but I enjoyed being able to try them on. 
After we finished shopping, we all went to Brad's cousins house for a cookout. The weather was fabulous! When I am around his little cousins, they seem to keep all of my all of these pictures are of me and the kids. I adore kids! I seriously cannot wait to have my own. Okay...maybe I can wait a little bit....but I absolutely love them.

{My sister Rachel and I}

{Isn't she just the cutest little thing?}

{Love her to pieces}

{My other little girl}

{Yes...they got me in this thing}
{More than once}

I hope you all have had a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! You look gorgeous and loving the jumping caste pictures! :) so much fun! x

  2. Very cute pictures & love the dress!!

  3. I love that dress! like love love love

    I am all kinds of jealous about the shopping you did. And is it weird that I want your wedding date set so you can start writing more posts about it? weddings excite me too much haha


  4. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    I love yours and your sister's dresses!

  5. Also, I just awarded you with the Stylish blogger award! :) check out my blog for details! x

  6. I love your dress! So cute!! Sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait to hear more wedding details as you start planning! :)

  7. Im a new follower! Congrats on your engagement.. hope to see possible wedding dress pictures soon!


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