Monday, May 2, 2011

I can't wait - New purchases :)

Well as you could probably tell from last night's post, I went on a little online shopping spree. I can't wait to get these items in! Eeeeeeeeeeee

This morning as I went to check my mail, I received something that I ordered what seems like forever ago. It is definitely my new favorite thing. I talked about it here. That's right ladies, I finally got in my Joseph Charles 5-way convertible bag!

I can't wait to start using this bag. I love it already. 

I had a few friends ask me to post what I purchased yesterday, so I thought I would share with you all. I did go a little crazy but I have a good excuse. 
{Don't we have any excuse to go shopping for something we don't need?}
Well since I got this new job in an upscale jewelry store, I needed to update my wardrobe a little bit. We have to dress up every day {which I love} but we seriously keep the store so cold for all those men that come in sweating because they are about to drop thousands on an engagement ring. {Aren't we thoughtful?}  I needed to purchase some jackets to wear over my outfit so I look presentable and don't freeze to death. I am so excited that I found so many things and got amazing deals on them. 
Of course I had to purchase a few things that I can't wear to work. I just couldn't help it.

I'll start out with a few items I have had my eye on for a little while now. 
This lovely little dress was definitely my splurge for the day but I couldn't resist. I have been looking at this for over a month now and finally brought myself to buying it. {$99.99}

I thought it would look cute with this belt from F21 {$6.80}
While at  F21 I purchased this maxi dress {$29.80} and this cute multi colored dress {$19.80}

Now for the purchases I made for work.
Okay I must admit, I have NEVER bought anything from this store before. I have always thought it was for "older" women...but I thought these were fitting for my job and I happened to snag an excellent deal. These items were already on sale plus there happened to be a 40% off sale on top of that for yesterday only.

All these jackets I ordered are from Chico's
Original price $89.00 paid $35.99

Original price $129.00 paid $23.99

Original price $129.00 paid $53.99

Original price $149.00 paid $29.99
I also purchased these jackets from one of my favorite online stores - Boston Proper. I could literally by anything from this store and love it. Everything I have gotten from there has been well worth every penny.
Original price $129.00 paid $69.99

Sorry for the picture wouldn't let me save the original size picture. Original price $159.99 paid $39.99

Well ladies...that is all my purchases from yesterday.
Now I have to find a dress for graduation! Yikes!!! I can't believe I am graduating May 14th.


  1. I really think you are going to make those jackets so cute and stylish! can you show us pics please?!

    Umm I don't understand how that bag converts like that... I need to check your old post.

    Selling engagement rings has got to be since a fantastic job! I want to do that! So glad you seem to be liking it.


  2. I was in management at Chico's for a year. They definitely market towards "older" women, but you can find many items that have a youthful look, it all depends on what you pair it with! I have so many items from there from when I worked using my discount, and they are all pretty cute. I hope you ordered everything in a size 0 since you're so tiny!

  3. new follower! love your blog and am also newly engaged!
    Feel free to check me out:

  4. Love all of your buys! I think you should do some OOTD posts once you start wearing it all!

    Working in a jewelry store would be trouble for me! I'd just try on all the engagement rings! HAHA

  5. great deals!! I love a bargain, makes me not feel so guilty about online shopping :P

    I also think that belt will look great with the first dress ! I have a belt like that, it was hanging in my closet forever and I finally tried it with a floral dress and loved it !

    Congrats on the new job!

    Cathy. X

  6. i clearly love the way you shop! i'm about to go stalk that dress too - love that ikat-ish looking print! :) pics of all your purchases will be required!


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