Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm lovin' it

It's that time of the week already...
That mean's it is time to link up.

{I'm loving}

My job
here is a picture from me today 
wearing a {fab} diamond and pearl necklace from work

{I'm loving}

That I might be getting this new setting for my engagement ring.

{sorry it's a little blurry...used my phone camera}

What do you think? 
It will be a little different because my diamond is princess cut.
But I am in love!

Nail color - "Fiji" by Essie.
 Funny story- I was at work today and one of my customers asked me what color nail polish I was wearing...I wrote it down for him and he called his girlfriend and told him to go get it because he really liked the color on my nails. That was definitely a first.

{I'm loving}
Just about ANYTHING from this jewelry line we carry from work. Here are a few. Ahem...Brad, feel free to get me any of these. :) 

 I would be satisfied with just about anything from this brand. 
It is all beautiful.

{I'm loving}

I have a 3 day weekend coming up this week AND next!
{however, they will be filled with many things such as my graduation and my little sisters graduation}


  1. That engagement setting is beautiful! I love it! :-)

    I also love the colored gem rings!

  2. That engagement setting is literally the EXACT one I want!! I may have to direct mr. Wonderful over here to your cute blog :)

  3. Sounds perfect Sarah! Or you could direct Mr. Wonderful to the jewelry store I work at and I will make sure he gets you EXACTLY what you want. You can just tell me and tell him to come see me and I'll know what you want ;)

  4. LOVE the engagement ring setting! I'm sure it will be gorgeous no matter what you do! I love all the jewelry! Totally jealous of your job!

  5. That setting is stunning!! As are you and your nails!!

  6. I love that you love your job so much... if I needed/could afford any of that jewelry, I'd come see ya! Can't wait to see how your blazers work!


  7. Stunning!! Glad you are loving your job!

  8. whoa that ring setting is amazeballs!! im loving it! and i love lagos - used to marketing for a jewelry store and they carried this!

  9. that ring looks exactly like mine! although the diamonds around my solitaire look a bit smaller.
    Its Simon G and Im in love, I'm sure you will love your's too, I get so many compliments !

  10. That engagement setting is BEAUTIFUL! I am also a figi fan! He was very observant... great story! :)

  11. Thanks for playing along!

    Looks like you're loving your job :) I love the new ring setting and those Lagos rings are beautiful!

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  13. Is your diamond and pearl necklace still with you? It looks like a vintage piece of jewelry. I love the big pendant. It’s absolutely beautiful! You should keep that and pass it on to your children as an heirloom. It’s definitely worth keeping. You look so gorgeous with it.

    *Bridget Rossi


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