Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My loves this week

It's that time again

{I'm loving}

All the new outfits I've been getting...thanks to a little online shopping spree of my own and my future mother in law for buying me some fabulous dresses! Here are a few of what I've gotten lately {that I have remembered to take pictures of before leaving the house} however; once I get to work I am always dripping in diamonds so maybe I should take a few in the store wearing the amazing jewels sometime.

{I'm loving}

That I am graduating from college this weekend!

It feels a little strange since I finished my undergrad in school only has graduation once a year.

I am excited to get back to the lovely city of Fayetteville, get back on the beautiful campus {which I so dearly miss} and spend time with family and friends. 

Oh, and a 4 day weekend doesn't hurt either!

My name will be etched into the sidewalk on the University of Arkansas campus along with all the other graduates.

{I'm loving}

The Bachelorette premieres May 23!!!

Those of you who have been following me for a little while now know that I am obsessed with this show. 


{I'm loving}

That I finally found the place that I want to get MARRIED! 
I am working on setting a date now and I couldn't be more excited.

What are you loving?


  1. I am giving the bachelorette a chance... but I am sure Ill get annoyed and stop watching... it's just all so cheese-ified... which sounds weird coming from me who watches so much trashy tv.

    Oh and I loovvee that jacket on you! soo cute


  2. Love those dresses!! so pretty! I really love the jacket in the second picture too, very cute! P.s. new follower :)


  3. Thanks for playing along!

    I love all your new dresses...very cute!

  4. I love all your new clothes!

    That's so cool that your name is etched in the sidewalk! Congratulations!!

    Yay for The Bachelorette!


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