Sunday, May 1, 2011

No Way Around It

My name is Amber and I have a confession.
I have an addiction to shopping.

I've been doing SO GOOD since I've gotten this new {fab} job
That has taken up a lot of my time
But then comes my days off....
and what do you think I do?!
Particularly online shop

You might as well take my computer away from me
There is no way around it
It is too convenient
Especially when you can use pay don't even have to get up to go get your debit/credit card

It is a love/hate relationship here.
I love getting new things.
When the delivery man comes to my door it feels like Christmas!
Of course I feel that I need everything I purchase.
On the other bank account hates it.
Luckily I am not really an impulse buyer. 
I will often look at things 2-3 times before I buy it unless it is a really good deal.
It is hard to pass up a good sale. 
I have already figured out that there is no way around this. 
There are far worse things that people are addicted to so I guess this is a "healthier" addiction.


  1. I love online shopping! However, I normally just window shop online :)

  2. I feel your pain

    I work shift work, and there is nothing better to do at 3 AM then online shop. My eBay watch list is just calling my name.
    But your right, there is nothing better then the delivery man at the door, especially when he brings shoes !

  3. hahaha I am a horrible/great person to shop with because I always encourage to buy! and I think that you work hard and deserve to spend some of that money on yourself!

    I hope there is a post coming about what you have bought ; )



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