Thursday, May 19, 2011

We all have one...

one... Set my wedding date.
I finally found the place I want to say I DO!
Now I am in the process of going over the available dates with the event coordinator.
Hopefully the wedding will be THIS FALL!

two...Book the reception venue. 
There are two options that I am hoping are available the time we need it. 
Fingers crossed!

three...Find THE DRESS.

four....Get a new setting for my ring 
{Getting close on this one ladies! Ahhh so excited!!} jewelry
I seriously have just about the whole store I work at on my wish list right now. Of course I would love some diamonds, black diamonds or pearls but I would take any of these {or just about anything else from this company}. They are affordable, good looking, every day pieces of jewelry. Love this vendor.

six... new wedges
I have tons of heels but I cannot go 9 hours a day in them...
so something like this is on my wish list.

seven... New bedding.
The bedding I have now is okay and still in good condition...
but I am ready for a change.

eight...Two new nightstands.
These will work just fine :)
nine... a massive rug to put in my living room.
A larger one just like what I have will be fine with me. 
The one I have now is just too small for my new house.

ten... Two {or one really big} abstract canvas prints.
I have a large wall in my living room that currently has nothing on it. 
Something like this is what I am looking for.

That is all for now.
What is on your wish list right now?


  1. The wedges are way cute. I love wearing wedges when working, makes it so much easier on your feet when standing or walking all day.

  2. My Wish List is this long, times fifty-five thousand. =)

    Obsessed with those wedges! I actually bought some Coach wedges at Ross today for only $70. And they are cute, not ones with the C's all over them. You better post pics if you get those!

  3. Ah wedding planning is so much fun! I have the church and venue booked, I am just waiting for my perfect dress to come in from the designer so I can try it on, I had waiting the suspense is killing me! :)


  4. I am loving your jewelry choices! Congrats on finding a venue, how exciting!


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