Monday, June 13, 2011

The "B" Word...

 For The Bachelorette, that "B" word is Bentley and she cannot get it out of her mind or vocabulary!

Ashley and the Bachelors travel to Phuket, Thailand for a new beginning on finding love. {Since Bentley left and she is heartbroken...she felt she needed a change}

"Let’s sea Phuket together"

The original plan was to go to a private beach but the rain and high waves prevented that from happening. Constantine and Ashley instead go shopping together and get love advice from the locals. They learn love is not about winning. She loves this since she doesn't want this to be a competition, but to see if something is there with someone.
She realizes that while she misses Bentley, she feels some chemistry with Constantine.
They spend more time talking about relationships and she finally gives him a rose. They end the night walking on the beach and she says she feels hopeful again.

"Let’s make this world a better place."

Ben F, JP, Blake, Mickey, West, Ben C, Nick, Lucas, William and Ryan.

This date is spent fixing up an orphanage for children who lost their families in the 2004 tsunami. 
Ben F paints a mural for the children and Ashley joins him. She loves the idea and thinks it helps her get over Bentley.
{Again with the Bentley thing...he is GONE! I wish she would realize how he really was and get over it already}

At the end, they all meet the kids and show them around. They all play together and realize how much they take for granted every day. The fact that they cared so much to do something so selfless, so just speaks volumes about them. They made a difference in the lives of those children and that is something they will never forget.
Ashley spends more one on one time with the guys as she tries to forget Bentley. {Enough! I'm so sick of hearing about him!}
JP says the date they had put everything into perspective for him and thinks it was the perfect date. They tease, cuddle and make out, which is magical for her, the best kisses by far for her. 
The rose ends up going to....Ben F.

 'It's more romantic in the rain.'

Their date begins on a boat. Ames talks about how he traveled to Thailand after his college graduation and then again for cooking school. They kayak through caverns, relax and take in the view.....excited to see where things take them.
Over lunch, they talk about past relationships and what they are looking for in a mate. Ashley is glad to see this side of him and thinks there is some husband material there.
During dinner, Ames proclaims he thinks she is beautiful no matter what.  They talk more about relationships and he loves what a strong, independent woman she is. She is loving getting to know him and see the real him--the smart, sweet, flirtatious side of him--so he gets a rose. There was no kiss, but he thinks seeing her inner beauty and learning more about her meant so much more.

After a talk with Chris, Ashley adds an extra rose because she feels that now that Bentley is out of the picture, she needs to get to know the other guys better.

Lucas, Ryan, JP, Nick, Mickey, Blake, William and Ben C all get roses, which sends West home

Tune in next week for Chaing Mai with fighting, ambulances, dates ending prematurely and  someone that just so happens to be in the very same hotel as Ashley....who could it be?  Oh and looks like she will be dropping the "B" word quite a bit more.


  1. Ah, I hate I missed this episode all thanks to being in the library studying! BOO! I saw people's Facebook statuses about the whole Bentley thing. She's gonna give these guys the short end of the stick if she continues to obsess over Bentley.

  2. UGH! I am SO SICK of hearing Bentley's name, too! I love how she keeps talking about how she doesn't want someone there for "the competition," and that is EXACTLY WHAT BENTLEY WAS THERE FOR. And that's all! The competition. ugh. Makes me sick. I also don't see why Chris Harrison didn't tell Ashley all of this when they sat down and had their little fireside chat???

  3. I love JP! He's my faveeee! I couldn't believe her and how many times she referenced Bentley and he's going to of course come back and stir them up! It's interesting!

    xo Michelle @ A Little Bit of This & That


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