Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Previously on the Bachelorette

Ashley is still “in love” with Bentley. Bentley flew all the way to Hong Kong to see her... They have some small talk...It was pretty awkward. She tells him how hard it has been since he left and how guilty she feels since the guys have no idea what her feelings are toward him. She talks about fate and not being able to let go. 

He doesn't think things look good for them...and wants this to be their "period." She gets angry that he had her holding on to the dot dot dot and wants to know why he bothered to come.  She says he should have just called.
And that is it. Wow…why in the heck did you fly around the world for that?! She says he knows how to play women and is disrespectful. She basically was like  F**K you, I’m done with this. I am glad she finally realized what a jerk he is.

The two of them explore downtown Hong Kong. They watch street dancers, walk through a market, eat and just enjoy each others company. Over dinner, they talk and drink wine on a boat.  She gives him a rose. They kiss and dance in the moonlight.

Ryan, Mickey, Constantine, Ames, Ben and Blake are on this date.
The date consists of them racing each other in groups of three. They guys are put in groups of two and asked to recruit other members to race with them. Ames and Mickey’s team wins.  They all sit on the beach and watch an engagement take place in front of them. She feels lucky and hopes it foreshadows what is to come for her.
After some one on one time with the guys, which includes her sharing her first kiss with Ames in an elevator. {Where did this come from?! He laid it on her!!! } She gives the rose to Ryan. {..and the guys are pissed}
 'Let's take a peek into our future.'
Ashley is clearly into JP. They look so sweet together. She confesses to JP first about how she really felt about Bentley. He is happy she was honest with him and wants her to feel like she can tell him anything. He is glad she got the closure that she needed. She gives him a rose and they end the night kissing on the balcony. I think that Ashley has the strongest connection with JP. It wouldn't surprise me if he made it to the final two.
She tells the guys about seeing Bentley in Hong Kong earlier in the week. She said that she had fallen for him so fast and was devastated when he left. Since he left she has been thinking if there would be anything between them since he left it at dot dot dot….telling her to call once everything is over. {What an idiot...and she thought the guys weren't going to get upset?!}
The guys are less than sympathetic than JP was when he heard this and question her honesty and if she ever had feelings for any of them at all. Ryan says that he still wants to be there. Blake wonders if it is even worth staying at all. Mickey is beyond pissed that he wasted his time while she was hung up on Bentley the whole time and asks to be sent home. {I hated to see him go}
Ashley is now questioning if she should have ever told the guys her true feelings. She leaves apologizing to the guys about everything and crying.
Ryan, JP and Lucas already have roses.
Ben, Constantine and Ames get roses. Blake is sent home. I don’t blame her for sending him home one bit after the conversation he had with her about Bentley.
Tonight we say goodbye to Mickey and Blake.

I was sad to see both go.

-Just a thought-
 Has anyone else noticed the 12" gap between Ashley's legs when she stands/ walks? Seriously...that is not normal.
...Until next week


  1. OMG! The gap between her legs is crazy! She walks so funny! What is wrong with her?! I love JP! He's my fave! Maybe because he's from the same place I am and I want him! HAHA

  2. Lucas and JP are my favorites but I really don't like Ashley so I kind of hope they don't make it to the end and find someone better for them that isnt caught up over Bentley! haha

  3. I've noticed how she walks. Bowlegged I suppose??

    And I was incredibly sad that Blake was sent home but he's from SC and that's close by so I may need to reroute my life there, haha. Kidding. I'm so over her talking about Bentley and just that whole concept in general. I'm just sitting back and seeing where it goes. Right now I don't have much of a favorite since Blake is gone.


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