Friday, June 17, 2011

These are my Confessions

I Confess... Every time I write "These are my Confessions" I think of the Usher song.

I Confess... That due to a few experiences I have encountered in this new area I live in I am going to start carrying pepper spray...and maybe a taser. 

I Confess... Yes... I just said taser. There is a woman I work with that carries one everywhere with her in her purse. I would feel more comfortable just stunning someone than shooting them. We actually got it out during work yesterday so she could teach me how to use it.

I Confess... I have lived here since March 26, and I already want to move. Yes, I have been keeping track of how long I have lived here. 

I Confess... Ryan Reynolds new Green Lantern movie does not look too good but I would watch it only because he is in it. 

I Confess... I am getting my hair cut today. Maybe I will actually get a cut and not just a trim this time.

I Confess.... I like things organized and my closet is color coordinated similar to this: 

I Confess.... I love sunsets. Especially sunsets on the beach. Breathtaking 

I Confess.... It breaks my heart to hear about all the tornadoes we have had this year.

I Confess.... I am currently obsessed with the National Geographic Channel.


  1. did you create this?? or is it a link-up? gahh I am trying to do an I Confess link but I don't want to copy someone : /


  2. I think it's safe to say that I am clinically obsessed with Ryan Reynolds.

  3. I color coordinate by closet too and love it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. My closet is coordinatd too! :)

  5. oh girl I would totally just watch that movie bc he is in it too..I saw the commercial for it the other day and was at first about to change the channel and be like wtf is this and then I saw he was in it and kept watching the preview haha


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