Monday, June 20, 2011

This Week on the Bachelorette

We are spending another week in Thailand while Ashley still iswondering what could have been with Bentley.
Ashley and the men continue their search for love in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Ben F
'Let's fall in love in Chaing Mai, Love,  Ashley.' 

The other men are jealous since they know that the two of them have chemistry after the last group date at the orphanage. Ashley and Ben are off to a marketplace where they walk around, eat, shop and enjoy each other’s company. The date is cute, a perfect first date to get to know each other. They want to kiss, but since they are close to the temple it is not allowed. Over dinner, they talk about life, his wine business and family. He opens up about the death of his father and how that closed him off the past 4 years until he finally realized that he should take that love and give it to someone else. The more they talk, the more she can see an everyday life with him. She gives him a rose.

Love is worth fighting for
Constantine, Ames, Nick, Blake, Ryan, Lucas, JP and Mickey 

They will be Muay Thai. Yes… they are fighting each other for her love. They get into an intense training which really begins to turn Ashley on….after about 3 hours of fighting, Ashley takes them off to a rink to fight each other. During the fighting, Ashley has trouble watching since she has developed such strong feelings for some of the guys. Ames does not have a mean bone in his body and is not a fighter so he is way out of his element here. After the fight with Ryan, Ames was not acting himself. Everyone is worried about him, so he gets checked out at the hospital. Ashley is upset the way the date turned out.

Ashley talks to the other guys, but worries about Ames. Everyone else is worried too and are happy when he comes back. Ames explained to Ashley they did a lot of testing and found out he was in love. {That was so sweet he threw that in there} It turned out that he actually had a mild concussion.
After more one on one time Ashley decides that Blake should get the rose. 

Ben C and William's clue is 'Guide me to love,'
They go rafting and have a picnic....where William tells Ashley Ben is ready to move on to online dating. Ashley is upset, but glad he told her what was going on. She sends Ben home right away and confronts him about her conversation with William. He said that was not the case and he was just messing around with the guys. Ashley doesn't care and just sends him away, not wanting to risk getting hurt again.

The guys are shocked to discover he is gone.
William and Ashley enjoy dinner and drinks and he talks about how happy he is to be there. Ashley says she no longer has the feelings she had earlier in the journey, so she sends him home as well.
The men are shocked he got eliminated as well.

Ashley was acting weird all night…….she had Bentley on her mind…so there was nothing special.
Before the rose ceremony, she explained to Chris that she feels like she is cheating on the guys because she isn’t being completely honest with them and still thinks about Bentley. She said she needs closure from him….she cannot keep on with Bentley leaving it at “dot dot dot” Chris said well --- we are halfway around the world but we will see what we can do.

On to the rose ceremony
Blake and Ben F already have roses. Constantine, Lucas, JP, Ames, Mickey and Ryan all get roses. Nick is sent home. 

Next week 
They are off to Hong Kong. Oh and we can’t forget the return of Bentley. The previews make it look like all the other guys are pissed and want to go home.


  1. UGH, girl needs to GET OVER bentley!!! I really can't stand her... and yet... I keep watching. LOL

  2. I got to actually watch last night's episode! Yes! And seriously, this Bentley thing is driving me up the wall. GET OVER IT! I am a little addicted to Blake. I don't know what it is, but he's just presh. All of the guys that are left all seem to be good. I'm def curious to see next week's episode.


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