Monday, July 25, 2011

The Final Two

It’s down to the final three. 
Ashley and the men travel to Fiji for the overnight dates and lots of romance. 

Before we get to the dates, we get a return from....wait for it.....RYAN! He came to Fiji to see if Ashley changed her mind about her decision to send him home. Ryan says he is there for a few days if she wants to see things through, but isn't going to pressure her or expect an answer right away. Ashley wants to think about thinks for awhile and he is willing to wait for her.Ashley is completely caught off guard and admits she does wonder if she did make the right decision. 

The first date in Fiji is with Ben. They meet up and they get on a boat right away. She compares it to being on a honeymoon and rubs suntan lotion on him. They get a little hot and heavy....cuddle and make out...rub each other down. Over dinner, they discuss their relationship and whether or not they are willing to fully commit to each other. He says he is on his way to 'I love you'.  She feels so good about their relationship and gives him the {Let’s get it on} ahem, I mean the Fantasy Suite Invitation. He says taking it further would be wonderful and accepts the invitation.  

Constantine has the next date. Ashley knows how slow he is taking things and hopes he opens up more. She surprises him with a helicopter tour of the island. Over lunch, they talk about the hometown date and how he spent a lot of time looking for houses. Ashley points out that he thinks things through and it makes it hard because they don't have much time. She thinks he is hard to read and wonders if he is into her. At dinner, the conversation moves on to their own relationship and why it is so slow. He says he is not holding back but still isn't sure. He says he respects her too much to accept the fantasy suite and.....we are interrupted by the President….and we’re back….Constantine says that this is the end of the road for him. Constantine didn't want to hurt or embarrass her, but it just wasn't there. I admire him for being so honest and upfront about it and not continuing the date with the fantasy suite.

Ashley meets with Ryan and they talk about where they stand. She says she found what she needed with two people and that she is happy. He is heartbroken by her yet again.

JP and Ashley meet for their date. They also get a view of the island. They are brought to their own private island. JP says his dad thinks Ashley will be a welcome addition to the family. They stand in the water and he admits he wants it to be him at the end.  Ashley tells him about getting rid of Constantine and Ryan's return. They choose to forgo their separate rooms and spend the night together.

The next day, she talks to Chris about the dates and decides to have a rose ceremony to see if they will accept her roses and if they really want to be with her and if they are ready for it. At the rose ceremony, Ashley explains the Constantine situation and gives each guy a rose. They both accept. 

I don’t know about you ladies but I am ready for the Men Tell All…with the return of Bentley. I’m sure there will be much confrontation. Then we see our season finale! Who will it be?

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