Friday, July 22, 2011

My Handy - Man

....and who I share it with is pretty incredible. 
So maybe I am bragging a little bit, but he is quite the handy man.
Brad is the type of person that is able to fix anything.
Well just about anything.
...and he seems to know everything about everything.
If he doesn't then he is determined to figure it out.
I love that about him. 
{Unless he is ignoring me because he is trying to figure something out}

In some ways we are just alike.. others we couldn't be more different. 

This quote seems to fit our relationship pretty well.
"Because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have"

I am a very affectionate person....Brad is not. 
{Well, compared to me}
Although I know he loves me dearly, he is not the person to just say it all the time...and want to cuddle, etc. But ---- I love the fact that he will do just about anything for me.
He does little things all the time that shows me he truly cares.
Well, besides putting the dishes in the dishwasher, but we won't go there. I am sure there are more things he would like me to do or do differently too.

Yeah, we are getting married....but I do doesn't mean I will do everything.

Brad is a very hands-on person and likes to do things himself if he can. For example....We just built a house. Anything he could do himself, he would. We have been living here for about 4 months now and everything is going great. There are just a few more things that we are wanting to do. One thing we wanted that we didn't have on the house was shutters. So instead of buying them, what did we do? Yep...this couple made shutters for our house!  So maybe I didn't cut all the wood down or anything, but this lady helped out!

Step 1: Measure windows to determine length of boards.
Measure and Cut boards. {We used 1x6's for the whole project}

Step 2:
Evenly space boards and screw them together on back side

Step 3
Prime and Paint Boards.

Step 4
Screw into house
 This was the worst part.
I wasn't the best person to help with this.

Ta da!
6 new shutters for the price of 1
See how nice it is to have a handy-man around?

Next project...GRASS! We had to cut down so many trees to build this house. Since we had to do that, we are waiting to put down sod to plant Bermuda grass because there have been so many sink holes since the roots are rotting we need to level out the yard before doing anything. Who wants a hole-y yard? Not us..and we all know it has been THE HOTTEST summer ever so there is not much grass. Ahhh....maybe one day we will have grass...and some more landscaping. 



  1. I love the quote...I pinned it a while back! Nate and I are the same way, even though he doesn't say I love you every 22 minutes, or want to cuddle on the couch, he shows me how he loves me in the little things he does, and that means more to me than anything now! Love the shutters, they look great! Look at Brad being all handy ;)

  2. Awww I love your house!!! You had it built?! That's pretty amazing.

    And it's so important to not only tell each other you love each other, but to show that love through your actions each and every day. I said something to that effect in my vows to my hubs :)

  3. I love a good man, whose actions speak louder than words!

    Beautiful house, and cute blog!


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