Monday, July 11, 2011

Previously on the Bachelorette

The first date goes to Constantine. They walk throughout a festival in a small village. They come up to this stand where they have paper lanterns. In Thailand culture, the lanterns signify good luck. Ashley's date with Constantine ends by the release of lighted paper lanterns. This was basically all I got out of the date. At the end of the show, there was a take that showed the couple walking and sitting down for a break…they set the lantern down and a dog came and peed on it. Ashley said it must be a sign. 

Ashley's date with Ben is exploring a park in Thailand.  Ashley says she has serious feelings for a couple of guys but she needs to develop both an emotional and physical relationship with the guy she wants to spend her life with.  Ben and Ashley get on a moped to explore the park. Ben finds himself falling in love with Ashley.  Over dinner Ashley asks him what will happen if his family is skeptical and hesitant.  Ben says that after they see us together they will see how serious this is and feel good about it.  Ben says that he wants to see things go to the next level.  

Group date
 JP, Lucas and Ames have a group date. The men wake up to find that Ben has not returned from his date with Ashley.  JP makes it clear that he is not okay with Ben staying with Ashley all night.  Ashley takes the guys on a group date to take wedding photos. They are wearing interesting clothing for sure!  Locus steps out in a gold dress.  Ames looks like the offspring of Elton John and some kind of bird.  JP is in a tux and looks normal. Ashley gives JP a rose which secures him for a hometown date. 

Ryan gets his first one on one date with Ashley. Ryan is always positive, which Ashley loves about him. Ashley gave him the first impression rose and believes he is the perfect man for her…basically…then she shot him down saying there was no romantic connection and sent him home. Ouch.

The Rose Ceremony
Ashley meets with Chris to discuss her feelings and decides that there will be no cocktail party tonight. She already knows who is going home. Ashley says that while she sees her husband here, things are still difficult for her. JP already has a rose. Constantine gets a rose, as does Ben. It is now down to Ames and Lucas. And the final rose of the night goes to....AMES!
She wonders it this was the right decision and cries a bit over it.  She wonders if she was cut out for this and finds herself questioning everything…but she is ready for the hometown dates. 

As the media has informed the whole world...Brad and Emily are no longer together. Emily says that she thought the next time she talked to Chris was going to be about planning a wedding. Emily came on the show to validate this story. It was so sad to see her so heartbroken. She is such a sweet and classy person and said she does not have one bad thing to say about Brad. She said that in their relationship, she did love him and will always love him but there were a few red flags. She said that her desire for marriage and more children overshadowed the reality of the relationship. Emily wanted to come on the show to tell her story and not sell it. She said that she does not know who she can and cannot trust anymore and cannot even leave her house without people constantly following her. 


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