Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My thoughts on....

 { Love > Money }

After Jackie was voted off the Bachelor Pad, Ames walked her to the limo to tell her goodbye. He started walking back to the house then realized he didn't want to remain in the competition without her. He started running after her as the limo was driving off. This seriously gave me chills! It was the most precious thing ever. I hope it works out between them. Love is greater than money!

{ Going Green }

Re-purpose, recycle, re-use! That seems to be Kate's motto. I admire her for actually wearing the same outfit more than once! This world seriously needs a reality check....and the state of our economy should be a big one.

{ I DO } 

Didn't get an invite to Kim Kardashian's wedding? No problem, E! has you covered of course!
The network is home to all things Kardashian and announced that it will air "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" over two nights in October. The behind-the-scenes special is set for Sunday, October 9, with the second part airing on Monday, October 10. I do not want to wait for all the details, we know it will be on the front page of everything Sunday morning. I can't wait!

{ Baby makes 3}
Hilary Duff announced on their 1 year anniversary that her and husband Mike Comrie are expecting! She is going to be the absolute cuttest preggo!


  1. Loved Ames for doing that too. Agreed on hilary duff. So cute. :)

  2. I saw on People.com that Ames and Jackie broke up like a couple of weeks after they left the show! The article made it sound like Ames broke up with Jackie and she was very surprised. :(

  3. Can't believe Hilary Duff is a cute little pregnant wifey now:-) Long gone are the Disney days! xoxo

  4. i thought it was adorable of ames to follow after her in his super hot red pants and navy blazer!

  5. Ames was sweet! I heard they broke up already :( Can't wait to see Kim's wedding! And love Hilary!


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