Monday, August 29, 2011

My Thoughts On...

The previous Keeping Up with the Kardashian's episodes

{ 1 }
If Kim wears diamond stud earrings worth $75,000....she needs to put screw-backs on them. Just my two cents since I am now working in the jewelry biz. I love that Kris said that it is just a material thing and if you can't afford to replace it, you shouldn't own it. But---I would be pretty upset myself if I lost a diamond stud, no matter what the cost was. Luckily lil sis found it. 

{ 2 } 
There are certain things your boyfriend should know about you within the first 6 months of dating. For instance, telling your significant other you were married before. Obviously he was upset at how she was just like "one time, when I married this guy" were married before?! That kind of information should be shared pretty early on in my opinion.

 The VMA's

I haven't gotten to watch all the VMA's yet {My TV will not let me watch a different show while there are 2 set to record. RIDICULOUS} but here are a few of my thoughts on:

{ 1 }
Beyonce's Pregnancy Reveal
...and Jay Z's reaction was so sweet.

{ 2 }
Demi Levato looked stunning

{ 3 } 
Lady Gaga

She looks too much like a man {it's a little scary}. Who was this "alter-ego" supposed to be anyway?

I thought this was REALLY WEIRD and disturbing. Your thoughts?

{ 3 }
Nicki Minaj's Outfit
Love this girl, but this outfit---
....I have no words.....


  1. I am done with Kris and Kim... I can't stand to watch them... bleh... agree agree agree with your thoughts!

    hahaha oh Nicki Minaj... still love her!

    Gaga was too much

    Oh and how about Adele's performance?!?!?


  2. I agree with the whole Kim not telling Kris she was married before. Thats a huge thing to tell the person you're dating.

    I actually wrote a review on the VMA's also and honestly "lady gaga" was freaking me out and it was annoying. Why would she come out looking like that?

    Nicki Minaj well I dont like her and her outfit looked ridiculous. She looked like she was going to the circus. lol

  3. 1. Love your points about Kim k. I was kinda over them this episode.
    2. I agree about miss nick....but I still love her songs.
    3. I am obsessed with beyonce bein preggo. Jay z's reaction to her rubbing that baby bump was priceless.
    And I agree with rissy- Adele was the bomb!!

  4. I totes did a post today on the VMAs... well my commentary atleast! Haha


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