Thursday, September 29, 2011

Honey - Do

Today is Brad's 25th Birthday! Unfortunately he is working from 5pm to 5 am so we don't get to do anything special today. His schedule has been crazy but he starts a new job on Monday with NORMAL hours! 

I absolutely love birthdays and I love surprises. Each year I do my best to surprise Brad with something. This year was a little different. As you know...hunting season is about to begin. Brad is a big hunter and had a few things he wanted. He took me to a hunting store to show me each specific item he wanted. I had to write it down, naturally. {This girl knows nothing about hunting} How am I supposed to remember 1 specific scope out of all of them there?! If you didn't know...the cost of hunting stuff is RIDICULOUS!! {I hope he remembers this once Christmas/my birthday comes.}

Last weekend, I told Brad I was going into town to tan (just an excuse to leave the house alone) I went to the hunting store and picked up the items he wanted for his birthday. I left them in the trunk of my car that night because I didn't want him to see them. The next day, we went to work out together. After we left the gym, he asked me to go in Wal-Mart to buy one thing while he waited in the parking lot to meet up with his step-dad to get something. As I was walking out of Wal-Mart, Brad looked at me and smiled. I said what are you smiling about? He said I saw my birthday presents in your trunk! I said BRAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOOKING IN MY TRUNK?! {I was acting like I was hiding a dead body in there or something} He said well technically, it is MY trunk since I bought you that car....but I had to put something in should have wrapped them. Really.....I can't even hide something from him for 24 hours! So much for being surprised. There was absolutely no point in me wrapping them for him. He had the scope mounted on his gun the next day!

So today I went to pick up his birthday cake. Usually I get him the best cakes...unfortunately, I no longer live anywhere close to that bakery since I moved so I tried the local bakery. COMPLETE FAIL! That was the worst cake ever. I am not going to even post a picture of it because it is the ugliest cake I have ever seen...not to mention dry! Blah! But at least he got a cake on his birthday.

So his only surprise of the day was the birthday card I got him. I thought it was very cute and oh so fitting of our relationship.

Brad definitely thinks he is "the boss" as he would say {since he pays the bills.} But we ultimately know who "the boss" of him is. I give him this "honey-do" list daily.

Do you have a "honey-do" list for your man?
Who rules the roost in your household?

Monday, September 26, 2011

I mustache you

Hi dolls!
So it's Monday....
I know that most of you hate Mondays because it is the start of a new work or school week or just that it is the end of your fabulous weekend.
I used to feel the same way.
However, with my job I usually have Mondays off so they aren't too bad for me!

I recently reached 100 followers!
I am so excited.
When I went to that 100th followers adorable blog I found a Monday link-up!

Without further ado, I introduce....

What are you looking most forward to during the Fall? 
Fall is absolutely one of my most favorite times of the year {until it gets too cold}
I love fall because:
Football season
The fabulous Starbucks seasonal drinks
The leaves changing colors
The cool weather
Cardigans, leggings, scarfs, boots and jackets
Extra blankets on the bed
Having a fire in the fireplace
Long bubble baths
Holiday Season
If you're having a bad day what always makes you feel better?
A nice stiff drink!
It always helps me to talk to someone about it or to go on a walk/exercise
If you could pick-up and move to any state where would it be? 
Definitely somewhere beachy!
What is something small that crawls under your skin?
When you have to search for the toilet paper because it was put in the dispenser wrong.
It's pulled from the top people.
If I go somewhere and it is upside down, I turn it around...and yes...even if I go to your house.

Okay so maybe it doesn't crawl under my skin that bad...but it is annoying. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

6 Months!

If you do not already know this about me, I work in the jewelry business.

That's right ladies...
I'm surrounded by THOUSANDS of GORGEOUS diamonds and gemstones nearly every day.
{Now tell me that wouldn't be tempting to want to take just about everything home}

"Engagement season" is beginning....
All of these young {and older} gentlemen are coming in to shop for an engagement ring for their significant other. I get to hear about how they met and even sometimes get the details about how they are going to pop the question.

Men are coming in to get their wives anniversary, or "just because" gifts...
- And I must say -

All of these recent engagements and weddings are making me even more excited about my own!! Y'all it is exactly 6 months until I marry my best friend. I absolutely cannot wait!
Come on March 24th!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Hello ladies! 
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.
Luckily for me, I had today off to catch up from my whirlwind of a weekend.
Brad and I made a much needed trip to Fayetteville.
We left at the crack of dawn Friday morning because Brad was so excited to get up there! {Okay, maybe I was a little excited too}

As soon as we got to Fayetteville, I had to have a little nail appointment with my little chink friend. Y'all as soon as I walked in he said AMBER, I MISS YOU, IT BEEN LONG TIME, I hear you have bad experience with nail salon. I said you have no idea....he said yes I do I see your picture with the kitchen mixer on feet. Oh my goodness....your nail, that the worst pink and white I ever see. I was like yeah I know, thanks for telling me. He said no worry, I fix it and make you pretty again. He always does an amazing job and only charged me $40 for a pedicure and new pink and white set. Needless to say, I gave him a good tip. Luckily the home game weekends fall along the timeline I will need to be getting a fill. I don't know what I am going to do after football season. Driving 4 hours to get my nails done is a little ridiculous.

After I got my nails done, Brad and I had some emergency shopping to do. So the weather said it would be 75 degrees. WRONG. It rained and was in the 50's. It was terrible....we did NOT pack for that kind of weather. 
That night we were invited out to a friends birthday party. This is the only picture I managed to get. HAHAHA look at that chubby little baby picture.

The next morning, I had planned on tailgating with Brad and friends but that was a complete fail. I dropped Brad off and hoped it would stop pouring and warm up, but it didn't until the game started. I hate it when the weather doesn't cooperate with my plans! Brad had about enough of having to stand with about 20 people under a tent to stay out of the rain so I picked him up. I met up with my sisters at Rachel's dorm on campus so we didn't have to fight all the game day traffic later.

I think Brad somewhat enjoyed it because he got to watch other football games on TV. Unfortunately he was the only guy there and had to watch us get ready for the games while we perfected our poofs.

Sisters. Obviously I keep my hair dark. Brad would divorce me if I went blonde (or so he says)
Side poofs
I got my poof done, let's go!
A definite necessity for the day. Obviously my sister was trying to make them sexy by showing some leg.
Cutest little hog fan, Sloan. Her little socks even said "Pig Sooie"
Look at that little ruffle booty
I was attempting to make the face Brad does....FAIL
 This lil lady is going to be a Mrs. this weekend! Wish I could be in Gulf Shores for it!

We won the game 38-28. Wooo Pig!

The next morning we had to leave first thing to head back home for a big "family" birthday for all the September birthdays. I would post a picture of Brad passed out on the way home but he would kill me.

This little thing was the center of attention. I can't believe these little girls are 5. Where has the time gone?!

 That pretty much sums up my weekend.
I had another birthday get together today for Brad's mamaw. Unfortunately, Brad is gone to Tennessee for 4 days for conferences for work so he couldn't be there.

Just kidding...I hate being without him. 
I hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Loves

It's Wednesday! That means it's time to link up with Jaime for...

{Arkansas 9-11 Tribute}
 I love that the Arkansas Razorback fans made a tribute to 9-11. This is our field in Little Rock which if you don't know, we only play at twice a year. I love the fact that they painted the hog red, white and blue and our crowd was also a part of the overall look. We also won 52-3! Woooo Pig Sooie!

{Home Game Day Weekend}
I absolutely cannot wait to be in Fayetteville with Brad, family and friends to hang out, tailgate and watch the game. Love, love, love game days! 

{The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back!}
These girls are my favorite compared to the other series. I know there is a lot of controversy in this season because of Russell Armstrong's suicide, but I am still interested in watching. 

{Bachelor Pad 2 is over?} seems like it just started. I am beyond happy that Vienna and Casey did not make it to the final 2 couples. {I cannot stand them} 
I am excited that Holly and Michael won and decided to split the money.

It was also revealed that Holly and Blake are engaged!!!
I think they make an adorable couple but jeeez that was quick.
Obviously if the cameras were there and the diamond came from Neil Lane, the show more than likely put up the $$$ for it. They are an adorable couple...but  I also feel sorry for Michael. Poor thing still adores that girl.

{The next Bachelor was announced}
And the new bachelor is.......
Ben Flajnik.
Really? Why couldn't it be Ames?
Especially since things didn't work out between him and Jackie {she seemed devastated}but I much prefer him over Ben.
Maybe it's because that awful hair of his.
Cut that sh*t

{My followers}
I'm close to 100!
What?! When did that happen.
Love all my followers!

{This picture}
Where is this card when I need it?

{My wedding dress}
I know I just posted about it..but I seriously cannot stop thinking about it, or looking at pictures of it. 
I can't wait to put it on again.
Hurry up March 24!
{Well not too fast...I still have a lot of planning to do}

Monday, September 12, 2011


 I called Low's Bridal last Friday to make an appointment to pick out my wedding dress! EEKKEK! I had an appointment Saturday in hopes to find my dream dress. My mom, dad, sisters, soon to be mother in law and her mother went along. I can't tell you how long I have been dreaming of this day of finding my dress! Finally the time has come to pick out a dress that I will wear when I marry my handsome hubby to be Brad!

Low's is known in the South as "THE" wedding dress store and shopping experience. I have heard about Low's since I was a little girl and greatly anticipated the day I would go there and find my own wedding dress!

Since I have had a few other bridal appointments, I knew exactly what I wanted…it was just finding it all in one dress!
As my appointment started, I was introduced to my consultant, Ann. This lady was probably 76 years old y’all. I described everything that I wanted in a dress and expected her to pull it instantly and try on maybe 5 tops before I found MY DRESS….
Umm no… Y’all I probably tried on at least 75 dresses. I was there for 3 hours and my consultant DID NOT EVEN PULL ONE DRESS!
I was BEYOND frustrated with her. She had all of my family go and try to find my dress as she was patiently waiting for me to take off each dress so she could hang them back up. I was about to cry I was so upset.
Then finally I tried on a dress that I specifically told her NOT to let me try on because my friend just bought it. When I had the dress on, I was close to saying yes and then said wait a minute----what designer is this? Worst possible case…it was her dress. I was devastated and absolutely could not say yes.
Another consultant was listening in on everything I said I wanted. She pulled one dress for me to try on. After I put it on and walked out to the large mirrors it hit me. I had “that moment” tears of joy were shed.
I knew it instantly. I did not want to take it off. I then went and picked out a few accessories to go with it. It was a long and stressful day, but overall I am happy because I found the dress I am getting married in!

I cannot wait until the day I say I DO...especially since I have my dress now. I just want to wear it around the house but unfortunately, it is hidden away somewhere so Brad can't see.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

These are my confessions

I Confess... The weather has been absolutely fabulous lately! I am perfectly fine with a high between 75-80 is incredible in my opinion.

I Confess... This story is a complete shocker! Wow....

I Confess... I need to update my fall wardrobe.

I Confess... I love cool mornings where I have time to stay in bed a little longer and bundle up under the blankets.

I Confess...  I hate to take vitamins (or really any medicine), so I take the chewy flinstone kind. They are pretty much amazing.

I Confess... I called on Tuesday to make a bridal appointment for Saturday and the salon is closed until Friday for the holiday----must be nice!

I Confess... I can't believe I am living in a town with NO STARBUCKS!!

I Confess... I am SO excited football season is here!

I Confess... I am on the lookout for a pair of cute & comfortable shoes for fall to wear to work. Any suggestions?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Need Your Help

Okay ladies I need your help...

I went Wedding Dress shopping yesterday and it was a success! Well....not a complete success because I did not "say yes" to the dress. 

I found 3.
Wouldn't it just be easy if I could have all of them?!
 I cannot decide which one to go with. There are two dresses that I found at my first appointment that are similar and I want to get certain things altered to look like the other dress (neckline, back, fit) and the other dress (from the second appointment) was one that I brought a picture of in as a definite wild card for me but I loved it. 

So here is the soon as I tried on the dress at second salon, I was in love. I just don't know if it is too "trendy" right now and I will look back and think OMG Amber, what were you thinking?! 

I have been thinking about it non-stop since I left the salons yesterday. I really need some more opinions. 

Should I try another salon and hope I find one that just blows the others away, or just keep it to these 3 to choose from? 

We took some pictures yesterday but I am not posting them *can't let future hubby see* so I can send them if you would like to see and help me out.

Thanks dolls!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Link-Up

 It's Friday!! 
I hope you all had a great week. Mine was good, but I am definitely ready for the 3 day weekend. How about ya'll? 
I am SOOOOO EXCITED that the first Arkansas Razorback game is tomorrow! 
Unfortunately, Brad has to work tomorrow night so we are missing it. *Super Sad about this!* 
This is the first game I've missed in like 5 years ya'll....I hate it!
But on the bright side...

That's right. This girl has 2 bridal appointments. I hope I find THE DRESS! Wish me luck.

Since it is Friday, I decided to link up with the little things we do again for fill in the blank Friday.
1.   One thing that is completely superfluous, but that I could never give up is reality TV. I'm a sucker for it! Terrible, I know....but I love it!

2.  Running into someone you don't like and feeling obligated to talk to them makes me feel awkward.

3.  I can't imagine going without, technology. I rely too much on electricity, air conditioning/heater, my cell phone, cable and internet. 

4.  Just about anything with protein is my favorite snack.

5.  Lately I've been planning my wedding.

6.  If at first you don't succeed, stay calm and try again. 

7.  Fall is my favorite season. Football, starbucks drinks, cool weather, and cute clothes can't be beat. 
Have a great weekend.


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