Thursday, September 29, 2011

Honey - Do

Today is Brad's 25th Birthday! Unfortunately he is working from 5pm to 5 am so we don't get to do anything special today. His schedule has been crazy but he starts a new job on Monday with NORMAL hours! 

I absolutely love birthdays and I love surprises. Each year I do my best to surprise Brad with something. This year was a little different. As you know...hunting season is about to begin. Brad is a big hunter and had a few things he wanted. He took me to a hunting store to show me each specific item he wanted. I had to write it down, naturally. {This girl knows nothing about hunting} How am I supposed to remember 1 specific scope out of all of them there?! If you didn't know...the cost of hunting stuff is RIDICULOUS!! {I hope he remembers this once Christmas/my birthday comes.}

Last weekend, I told Brad I was going into town to tan (just an excuse to leave the house alone) I went to the hunting store and picked up the items he wanted for his birthday. I left them in the trunk of my car that night because I didn't want him to see them. The next day, we went to work out together. After we left the gym, he asked me to go in Wal-Mart to buy one thing while he waited in the parking lot to meet up with his step-dad to get something. As I was walking out of Wal-Mart, Brad looked at me and smiled. I said what are you smiling about? He said I saw my birthday presents in your trunk! I said BRAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOOKING IN MY TRUNK?! {I was acting like I was hiding a dead body in there or something} He said well technically, it is MY trunk since I bought you that car....but I had to put something in should have wrapped them. Really.....I can't even hide something from him for 24 hours! So much for being surprised. There was absolutely no point in me wrapping them for him. He had the scope mounted on his gun the next day!

So today I went to pick up his birthday cake. Usually I get him the best cakes...unfortunately, I no longer live anywhere close to that bakery since I moved so I tried the local bakery. COMPLETE FAIL! That was the worst cake ever. I am not going to even post a picture of it because it is the ugliest cake I have ever seen...not to mention dry! Blah! But at least he got a cake on his birthday.

So his only surprise of the day was the birthday card I got him. I thought it was very cute and oh so fitting of our relationship.

Brad definitely thinks he is "the boss" as he would say {since he pays the bills.} But we ultimately know who "the boss" of him is. I give him this "honey-do" list daily.

Do you have a "honey-do" list for your man?
Who rules the roost in your household?


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