Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Need Your Help

Okay ladies I need your help...

I went Wedding Dress shopping yesterday and it was a success! Well....not a complete success because I did not "say yes" to the dress. 

I found 3.
Wouldn't it just be easy if I could have all of them?!
 I cannot decide which one to go with. There are two dresses that I found at my first appointment that are similar and I want to get certain things altered to look like the other dress (neckline, back, fit) and the other dress (from the second appointment) was one that I brought a picture of in as a definite wild card for me but I loved it. 

So here is the soon as I tried on the dress at second salon, I was in love. I just don't know if it is too "trendy" right now and I will look back and think OMG Amber, what were you thinking?! 

I have been thinking about it non-stop since I left the salons yesterday. I really need some more opinions. 

Should I try another salon and hope I find one that just blows the others away, or just keep it to these 3 to choose from? 

We took some pictures yesterday but I am not posting them *can't let future hubby see* so I can send them if you would like to see and help me out.

Thanks dolls!


  1. I'm no wedding expert but I'd love to try to help! Email me the pictures and I'll see--


  2. if it helps I didnt find "the dress" right away. I tried on like literally 10 dresses and then I found it. And I would say try looking at different places because you never know what they might have.

  3. Amber, I would love to see and help. Always go with the dress you can't say no to. You'll know when you see it. Did you go to Low's? They're the best around. Remember you want to look timeless on your wedding day.
    I'd love to see the pics to try to help. please email me

  4. I would definitely say go ahead and try some more dresses on. It can't hurt- you'll either find your dream dress or realize that one of the original ones were it :) Good luck! I looooved wedding dress shopping, but I know it's hard to decide! I opted for a more traditional, classic look, but trendy can be fun as well! It's your day!

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