Sunday, October 16, 2011

Confession Session

I Confess.... I need to blog more often!!! {Can we say slacker?}

I Confess.... What happened to fall weather? It was 90 degrees today!

I Confess... If this isn't the worse sense of humor, I don't know what is.....
While working, a middle-aged male customer came in (naturally I assumed he was shopping for his wife) 
I proceeded to ask him if he was celebrating a special occasion with his wife. 
His reply --- No, we actually buried her on Thursday.
My reply ---- Oh my goodness, I am SO sorry!
His reply ---- (Laughing) I'm just joking with you
My reply --- I should slap you for talking about your wife like that, it's not funny.

I Confess... I need ideas for what to wear for engagement pictures... If you have any ideas or see any cute pictures on pinterest, feel free to send them my way :) 

I Confess... I was running late to work a few days ago and only had time to blow dry my hair... the owner said I need to wear my hair like that more often that he liked it. I don't know whether that is a good or bad thing since I always wear my hair poofed? 
Too poof or not to poof?


  1. Oh my gosh girl. I was goin crazy trying to figure out what to wear for or engagement photos. We take puts on the 26th. If you visit my blog and go to my
    Pinterest...there a quite a few photos I pinned of people. I chose a lavender dress (only bc I couldn't find a white one liked) and then jeans with riding boots and white ruffle shirt (fiancé is wearing gray plaid shirt with this). There ate sk many options it makes you go crazy lol!

  2. I just took my engagement photos...and I too confess that I stressed over it for weeks! Most important thing, is you wear something that is you and something that is comfortable. I was trying on all these clothes that I saw in magazines, but they so weren't me. And remember no matter what you wear, the pictures will be beautiful!
    I'm happy to be your newest follower :)

  3. I love thoese confessions. Thank you for beingmy newest follower!


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