Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinterest Inspired

Tis the season...
To try Pinterest Ideas!

I have been decorating my house for Christmas.
Yes, I said it....Christmas.
I do not have family over at my house for Thanksgiving so I like to enjoy having all of my Christmas stuff up a little longer.

I am still getting my house together so look for a post with pictures later.

As for my Pinterest inspiration...

I made my first deco mesh wreath!

Unfortunately, the door hanger I have will not allow my door to shut so I need to go get another one asap. 
I promise as soon as I get my house in order to post pictures!

I took a short break from decorating and tried to wear my hair in a sock bun.
The first try was a success!!
{ I am not sure if it will be as easy to take it down }

 I can't believe how well it is staying with nothing but the sock in my hair!
Brad if you are reading this and find a sock without a match it is now toe-less and in my hair.
If y'all haven't tried to take pictures of the back of your hair to post it is a little difficult.
I might have to wait on Brad to get home to show y'all how it turned out.

Have you been inspired to try things off Pinterest?


  1. I can't wait to see your sock bun! My hair is too think to do that I think! Wasn't that deco mesh wreath fun and easy?? I did my first one a few weeks ago!

  2. I have been skeptical to try the sock bun (let's be honest, the lady from the you tube video seems a little cookoo for coco puffs), but you are totally rocking it! Need to find a sock tonight, and try it!
    thanks for the inspiration


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