Sunday, November 27, 2011

What a week!

What a week! I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with their families.

My week was full of work, wedding planning, celebrating multiple Thanksgivings and more work.

 This is the first Black Friday in years that I have had to unfortunately no shopping for me! I hope you all found some amazing deals! This is also the first Sunday I am working in the longest time. It just doesn't seem right....but it's the holiday season and Christmas will soon be here.

Last Tuesday, I had a day date with my wedding planner! It seriously makes everything seem so real now. It is 4 months away!! I can't wait to see all of our ideas transformed.

Brad and I have been engaged 1 year already! He proposed last Thanksgiving. We spent all day with the families but I got a little surprise. I love it when surprises include diamonds! His cousin said "see, it pays off to have a long already got an upgrade" HAHA. I originally had just a solitare, so he just got me a new setting and I think I'm in love!

Thanksgiving outfit of the day

I got to spend time with my favorite little girls. 
They were having too much fun with my new phone taking pictures and wanting to shoot videos. Oh my...

We had SO MUCH food!

I am finally showing y'all a picture of my Christmas tree...Yes it has been up since November 13th. No, I don't feel like I am "skipping" a holiday by decorating for Christmas early.

So here was my living room after I got all of my Christmas stuff out of the attic! I don't see how we have room for anything else up there.
and here is the tree! :)

Off to work for the day. Here is another outfit of the day!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Aww looks like your thanksgiving was awesome! I'm jealous! I love taking silly pictures with my nephews but didn't get to this year! Love the tree! Nothing wrong with some early holiday spirit!! :)


  2. You are so cute!!!! And that ring is absolutely GORGE!!! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, girl! :) <3

  3. your ring is awesome! and i love your christmas tree, especially that topper! :)

  4. gorgeous ring!! love your tree too it's so sparkly :) :)

  5. Love love your OOTDs! and your ring is BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Love your tree and LOVE your ring! Hope you have a great week!
    xo Steph


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