Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bachelor - Nude Awakening

Hello Ladies
It's time for another Bachelor recap
This week, the ladies and Ben traveled to Puerto Rico where there were dates that included diamonds (and not the sparkly kind), yachting and even some nudity. 
All the ladies received a date this week.

---Let's find love in old San Juan---
The clue was given in Spanish but thanks to Emily, we had a translation.
 They fly to San  Juan in a helicopter.
The idea of the date was to walk around? Funnn.....Well that nice little plan was interrupted by rain.
They end up running to a local store to buy new clothing.
Nicki walked out looking kind of homely and she said Ben was muy muy muy muy caliente.
If you ask me, he looked like he was trying to get a little Puerto Rican swagger going on with all that white and his little fedora. 
They talk about past relationships and how Nicki was married before. She says next time she is definitely living with her boyfriend before they get married.
They also witnessed a marriage.
He gives her a rose.
They make out.

{Group Date}
everyone except Elyse.
The date card said something about diamonds...
But we soon find out it was talking about the baseball kind....talk about upsetting.
The girls are running through drills with a local team {lame}and then walks in Chris Harrison.
He says the girls are going to play against each other and the winning team continues the date later that night with Ben.
There was an uneven number of girls so Ben was able to choose one to automatically be able to go on the rest of the date. He chose Lindzi (yay)
The game was close...then Jennifer came up to bat with 2 outs and she struck out. Poor thing. I would have felt terrible if I was here.
Courtney's team won....so her, Kacie B, Casey S. and Jamie continue the date.
Blakely cries the whole way home.
Courtney is rude.
Kacie B. gets the rose then Courtney gets pissed and steals him away.
She tries to get him horny and naked but it didn't work.

---Let's find love somewhere private---
Ben takes her out on a pretty fabulous yacht.
She tells him she gave up so much for his - her job, and being in her ex best friend's wedding.
They take a swim, make out...and she is pretty much convinced she wants to get married.
Over dinner she talks about how she is just tired of being single
Ben was like wait a minute do you want to be here for me or are you just tired of being single?
Regardless.......he said he couldn't give her the rose even though he picked up the rose and was twirling it around sugar coating everything before he added in the BUT...the relationship isn't at the level as the other girls BS line.

When someone came back to gather Elyse's belongings, Courtney said she probably drank too much and went all Jersey Shore on his ass. 

Courtney stalked Ben, started whistling at him...said his eyes were probably sore after seeing Elyse on their date....offered to give him a massage..They enjoyed some wine together then she said they should take it to the beach. At the beach she just wants to "get in the water
" then asks if he wants to go skinny dipping with her. They talked about weather to go in with or without clothes but naturally being Courtney, she gets naked...and Ben follows. Classy.
Later Ben said he felt crappy about his intimate moment with her. Yeah, I believe that...
At the cocktail party, Courtney just couldn't keep her mouth shut about skinny dipping. She didn't confess but says she has done it in Puerto Rico. 
Emily has some one on one time with Ben...said she was sorry for bringing up Courtney last week and that she hasn't thought about her and isn't going to bring it up again....then starts talking about her. Ben basically said she better watch what she says or she will be going home.
Time for the rose ceremony and the girl that goes home is........

Tune in next week for their time in Panama City, Panama.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrate, Celebrate

One year of blogging.
Where has the time gone?

When I started this blog I was snowed in for nearly a week....completely bored out of my mind...living alone because Brad got a job 4 hours away.... I had no idea what to do with my time anymore since I was not spending all my time with him or doing things for him.
So I needed a new hobby.
I did not know ONE person who blogged.
None of my friends blogged...
I have had many of them ask how to get started but none have actually went through with the whole process.

When I started blogging I never thought it would turn into a long-term thing. 
I had no idea what I would even blog about.

I am SO glad that I started blogging.
I have met so many wonderful ladies through this.
I am also inspired by so many of you. I love how open you are, how loyal you are, and just how amazing you all are.
Here is to another year.
Thanks for making it through the first one with me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Bachelor Recap

Alright ladies...I know I am picking up on this bachelor recap on week 4 but you know me, I have been watching every single episode! Can we say addicted? I think so...

On this episode of The Bachelor

Ben and the contending bachelorettes went to Park City Utah this week for some good ol' outdoorsy fun.

<Let nature take it's course.>
He whisks her away in a helicopter and off they go to drink wine and make out in a canoe because the conversation skills are obviously lacking between these two.
To me, it was completely awkward. I would have sent her home before the dinner part of the date. But Ben said they had chemistry?! I think that was just him saying you look good and I'm a horny bachelor so I will keep you around another week.
Lame...she's not my favorite.
On to the next date....

{Group date}
Lindzi, Jamie, Casey s, Kacie B., Blakely, Nicki, Samantha and Courtney
<Let's see if you're a great catch>
----insert Courtney's full of herself comment here----
Ben meets them by almost getting bucked off riding in on a horse and Lindzi just fell in love.
Next they did a little fly fishing. Naturally the girl that has nothing to do with the outdoors i.e Courtney catches the first one and announces it to the whole world. 
Later that night they spend some more one on one time.
Samantha felt like after 3 group dates she was ready to get a ring put on her finger but Ben had other plans for her and sent her packing before the end of the night. Did I miss the past 3 episodes because I don't remember much of her at all.
Courtney pitches a little bitch fit and ends up getting a rose at the end of the date.
{Side note} ----Courtney also thinks she is Charlie Sheen and is #winning. I think she needs to find a new catch phrase.

<Let's mix our love songs>

Jennifer and Ben go repelling in a deeeeeep dark cavern. Oh hell no!
What is even better is that she did it in the most hideous yellow bikini I have ever seen. 
This was definitely the WORST first date in bachelor history.
Floating in the water in the bottom of a cavern....in a hard hat and harness..

Later that night they get rained on during dinner, run to seek shelter, make out and go to a concert. 

{Just a thought}
There is no way in hell I would let another bachelor contestant highlight my hair....especially VIP Cocktail waitress, Blakely 

{Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony}

The majority of the girls say they have learned more about themselves in the past 2 weeks than they have in 2 years. What? How is that even possible?

Courtney calls Emily out for talking to Ben about her.
Drama, drama, drama

and now for the rose ceremony...all the girls names have been called besides Monica and Emily.

and the final rose goes to

wait for it.....Emily. Shocker 
we say goodbye to Monica. 

Next week the ladies travel to Puerto Rico.
Courtney makes a snide comment about just being there a few months ago.
Ben, please get rid of her!!!

Unfortunately, the previews showed Ben and Courtney doing a little skinny dipping. 


What are your thoughts on this season of The Bachelor?

I think Ben is a little dorky but that is just me...
...or is it this picture I found when searching for pictures of Ben?

Who are your favorite bachelorettes this season?

Here are my top two
{Kacie B.}


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 Hey ladies.
Wow, it seems like it has been awhile since I have done a WILW post. I'm excited to get back into it and link up with Jamie.

{I'm loving}

Our engagement session was featured here


The Bachelor is back on! 
I'm slightly obsessed with this show. Although I am not really a big fan of Ben. Those of you that have followed me for awhile know I always did re-caps. Well I plan on getting back into that! Since I have moved it has been a process to even do a blog post with the slow internet connection. It kills me but stay tuned! 


American Idol starts tonight
The beginning auditions are my favorite!


The Real Housewives of O.C are coming back in February


This is a short work week for me:)


That my weekend involves going to the races. I hope I win some $$$

and it's my birthday tomorrow!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Here are my top picks from the 2012 Golden Globes

I was in love with all of the blush and nude hues

 Miss Heidi Klum was a knockout in this nude dress.
Where can I get that fab necklace from?!
Absolutely loved that bold accessory choice.

 Charlize Theron looked absolutely STUNNING in this blush dress

 This lady definitely gave most gals a run for their money. 47 years old?! I don't believe it and this dress is absolutely STUNNING!

 Miss Giuliana, I adore you. You are such a beautiful woman both inside and out. You also have the best fashion but would look good in anything.

 I am usually not a fan of vintage - inspired clothing but am in love with this dress!

 Such a classy look!

Va Va VOOM! Does this girl ever look bad in anything? 
This was definitely one of my favorites of the night!

and the worst of the night goes to...
Bless your heart.
What in the world were you thinking?

This dress MIGHT have been okay if it didn't have those horrendous shoulder spikes and nipple seams.
and would have looked better strapless and de-wrinkled if you ask me 

and what is with the gray hair?
I can't believe she CHOSE to do it that color.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

There She Is...Miss Mascara

I mean Miss America that is.
What ever happened to waterproof mascara?
I bet she is wishing now that she put some of that on last night. So I am not an opera fan at all {which was her talent if you didn't watch last nights event} but congratulations.

Naturally I am always pulling for the girl from the Natural State, that's right - Arkansas. 

I absolutely loved the opening line from Miss Arkansas this year. "From the state where it's a compliment to be called a HOG"  
Remember last year Miss Arkansas getting runner up? That's right! Definitely thought she should have won.

 Since my Arkansas girl didn't even make top 15 I was actually pulling for Miss South Carolina. What a weight loss success story! You go girl!

 But what I must know is.....
Where did Brooke Burke get this dress?! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Dance

Hello ladies
I am getting down to the final details of my wedding and need your help.

I am making a song list for the DJ for our reception.
I absolutely LOVE going to a wedding that has great music.

You know...the ones you can sing along to most songs like this

I want everyone to have the time of their lives at my reception. 
So my question to you is -
If you go to a wedding, what are some of your favorite songs to dance to?
Or if you already had your wedding...what were some songs that seemed to get everyone on the dance floor?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Highlights of 2011

Brought in the new year with great friends

Celebrated my 23rd birthday 

Started my blog! :)

Built our first house 
Moved to a new city

Started a new job

Graduated College

Began planning my wedding..which made it really sink in that I'm getting married!

Found my dream wedding dress 
I wish I could reveal what it looks like but you will have to wait a few more months!

Took many trips back "home" to see friends, family and go to the Razorback football games.
Shot my first QR code video.....and realized how southern I sound

Had an amazing Thanksgiving and took countless pictures with these little girls
 Celebrated 4 amazing Christmases 

and wrapped up nearly all my wedding planning.
Whew, what a year!

2011 has been a year full of big changes for me. I am looking forward for everything that is to come in 2012. 


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