Monday, January 16, 2012


Here are my top picks from the 2012 Golden Globes

I was in love with all of the blush and nude hues

 Miss Heidi Klum was a knockout in this nude dress.
Where can I get that fab necklace from?!
Absolutely loved that bold accessory choice.

 Charlize Theron looked absolutely STUNNING in this blush dress

 This lady definitely gave most gals a run for their money. 47 years old?! I don't believe it and this dress is absolutely STUNNING!

 Miss Giuliana, I adore you. You are such a beautiful woman both inside and out. You also have the best fashion but would look good in anything.

 I am usually not a fan of vintage - inspired clothing but am in love with this dress!

 Such a classy look!

Va Va VOOM! Does this girl ever look bad in anything? 
This was definitely one of my favorites of the night!

and the worst of the night goes to...
Bless your heart.
What in the world were you thinking?

This dress MIGHT have been okay if it didn't have those horrendous shoulder spikes and nipple seams.
and would have looked better strapless and de-wrinkled if you ask me 

and what is with the gray hair?
I can't believe she CHOSE to do it that color.


  1. Heidi Klum's dress is a big hit in the blog world I've noticed :) It's gorgeous, so I don't blame yall!

  2. Loveeeeeee Heidi's dress! Gorgeous, gorgeous. I didn't get to see teh Golden Globes so I enjoyed your recap :)

  3. Love Heidi's dress! and Sarah Hylands....but Kelly Osbourn's is horrendous...and i hate that hair color! isn't she part of the fashion police but is committing a fashion crime herself!!!

  4. Gahh I agree I love the blush & nude shades!!! Wow Sarah Hylands looks AMAZING!!!!! Sofia Vergara is so beautiful as always!!! What a fun post! I didn't watch the Golden Globes so it was fun to see this! :)


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