Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Bachelor Recap

Alright ladies...I know I am picking up on this bachelor recap on week 4 but you know me, I have been watching every single episode! Can we say addicted? I think so...

On this episode of The Bachelor

Ben and the contending bachelorettes went to Park City Utah this week for some good ol' outdoorsy fun.

<Let nature take it's course.>
He whisks her away in a helicopter and off they go to drink wine and make out in a canoe because the conversation skills are obviously lacking between these two.
To me, it was completely awkward. I would have sent her home before the dinner part of the date. But Ben said they had chemistry?! I think that was just him saying you look good and I'm a horny bachelor so I will keep you around another week.
Lame...she's not my favorite.
On to the next date....

{Group date}
Lindzi, Jamie, Casey s, Kacie B., Blakely, Nicki, Samantha and Courtney
<Let's see if you're a great catch>
----insert Courtney's full of herself comment here----
Ben meets them by almost getting bucked off riding in on a horse and Lindzi just fell in love.
Next they did a little fly fishing. Naturally the girl that has nothing to do with the outdoors i.e Courtney catches the first one and announces it to the whole world. 
Later that night they spend some more one on one time.
Samantha felt like after 3 group dates she was ready to get a ring put on her finger but Ben had other plans for her and sent her packing before the end of the night. Did I miss the past 3 episodes because I don't remember much of her at all.
Courtney pitches a little bitch fit and ends up getting a rose at the end of the date.
{Side note} ----Courtney also thinks she is Charlie Sheen and is #winning. I think she needs to find a new catch phrase.

<Let's mix our love songs>

Jennifer and Ben go repelling in a deeeeeep dark cavern. Oh hell no!
What is even better is that she did it in the most hideous yellow bikini I have ever seen. 
This was definitely the WORST first date in bachelor history.
Floating in the water in the bottom of a a hard hat and harness..

Later that night they get rained on during dinner, run to seek shelter, make out and go to a concert. 

{Just a thought}
There is no way in hell I would let another bachelor contestant highlight my hair....especially VIP Cocktail waitress, Blakely 

{Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony}

The majority of the girls say they have learned more about themselves in the past 2 weeks than they have in 2 years. What? How is that even possible?

Courtney calls Emily out for talking to Ben about her.
Drama, drama, drama

and now for the rose ceremony...all the girls names have been called besides Monica and Emily.

and the final rose goes to

wait for it.....Emily. Shocker 
we say goodbye to Monica. 

Next week the ladies travel to Puerto Rico.
Courtney makes a snide comment about just being there a few months ago.
Ben, please get rid of her!!!

Unfortunately, the previews showed Ben and Courtney doing a little skinny dipping. 


What are your thoughts on this season of The Bachelor?

I think Ben is a little dorky but that is just me...
...or is it this picture I found when searching for pictures of Ben?

Who are your favorite bachelorettes this season?

Here are my top two
{Kacie B.}



  1. I watched one episode and couldn't do it. I try every year, and at times I get sucked it.. but this guy.. I just do not like him at all. Ive met dogs that I would rather date. But I LOVE your blog, and this cute take you gave on it. I didn't even need to watch the show! :)

  2. hahah you pretty much summed it all up!!! Lindzi and Kacie B are my favs too..they're the only "normal" ones..oh and I can't wait for Courtney to go home...what a bitch.

  3. I love Kaycie B!! I do NOT like Courtney....she talks soooo weird!!

  4. This season with Ben seems to be more "homey" and family oriented (ie. Spending time in Sonoma and San Fran, spending time doing things he did with his dad). I think he's probably a really good guy but he tugs at people's heart strings by always talking about his dad's passing, etc. I despise Courtney and wish every episode that Ben would get rid of her. I'm glad Emily told him how Courtney acts around the girls, even though Ben didn't really pay any attention to what was said. Next week's episode looks interesting, but I am not fond of the skinny dipping scene. Mainly because my mom would be so embarassed if her daughter skinny dipped with a guy I BARELY KNEW on national television!! My two favorites are Kacie B. and Emily!

  5. I am not really liking this season! However, I can not wait for the next Bachelorette!!!

  6. those are my top 2 faves as well! I watched Ellen the other day and Ben was on. Well Ellen was bashing Courtney (Ben didn't look too happy) but Ellen said Courtney should know that when Charlie Sheen said *winning* he wasn't really winning at all haha

  7. I CAN'T STAND COURTNEY!!!!! She is so awful. Yuck! Kacie B. is my favorite!


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