Sunday, January 15, 2012

There She Is...Miss Mascara

I mean Miss America that is.
What ever happened to waterproof mascara?
I bet she is wishing now that she put some of that on last night. So I am not an opera fan at all {which was her talent if you didn't watch last nights event} but congratulations.

Naturally I am always pulling for the girl from the Natural State, that's right - Arkansas. 

I absolutely loved the opening line from Miss Arkansas this year. "From the state where it's a compliment to be called a HOG"  
Remember last year Miss Arkansas getting runner up? That's right! Definitely thought she should have won.

 Since my Arkansas girl didn't even make top 15 I was actually pulling for Miss South Carolina. What a weight loss success story! You go girl!

 But what I must know is.....
Where did Brooke Burke get this dress?! 


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