Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm starting to PANIC

Okay ladies it is just 35 days away from my wedding.
I am beginning to stress just a leeetle bit.
I'm not worried about my dress.
I'm not worried about the flowers.
I am not worried about how my cake is going to turn out or how the food will taste.
I am not worried about how my reception venue is going to look like.

I'm worried about my HAIR.
Yes, that is all for now.
My hair.

I just feel like this sets the stage for everything.
I had a trial updo recently and absolutely loved the style until I tried my veil on with it. At that point it was a definite no.
It was a gorgeous side swept updo.
I put the veil on and it was a complete disaster. It just didn't look right.

So I need YOUR help.

1. What are your thoughts on wearing wedding hair up vs. down?

2. How did you wear your hair your wedding day? Would you style it different if you could?

3. Vote on the following picture you think would fit me.

And the updo nominees are....

Updo #1 -

Updo #2 (probably not a middle part though)

Updo #3

Updo #4

Updo #5

Updo #6

And the down hairstyle nominees are...
Down #1

Down #2

Down #3
Opinions please.

Thanks :)


  1. My favorites are:
    Updo #1
    Down #2
    Down #3

    I'm sure whatever you pick will turn out lovely :)

  2. Such a tough decision! They're all so pretty!

    I wore my hair down and wavy since I always wear my hair down. I think you should go with whatever feels natural to you! You'll look beautiful whatever you pick :)

  3. I loved loved loved the down ones. Especially down #2!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo


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