Monday, May 21, 2012

50 Shades

I'm going to be completely honest, I have NEVER enjoyed reading. Of course I was always reading for school so I did not "choose" to read for pleasure. Recently, I have really gotten into it.   Let's face it. Just about EVERYONE is reading, or thinking about reading this trilogy. 

Everyone is talking about it - TV, news, internet, blogs.
So I decided to see what all the hype was about. 
When I started the first book I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I was instantly hooked.

When I got to about chapter 7 I went ahead and ordered the second book.

I finished the first book Monday, the second was supposed to be delivered Tuesday.... I check my mail box and NO BOOK! 

Brad received this text message immediately.

 Luckily the book came in on Wednesday along with my Kendra Scott was a good day :) 

Coming home and immediately reading the book has been quite the trend.

One night Brad asked me to make him something to eat.... I was in the middle of a "scene" and I said NO!!! The only way I will do that right now is if you read it out loud.  He said okay, where did you stop. {I think he has really been wondering why I cannot put this book down} I point to where I stopped and begin walking in the kitchen....he reads two lines (which I will not share) and then said AMBER!!!! THIS IS PORN! I said KEEP READING!!! So he reads about two pages then said he had to stop. I liked him reading it out loud to me...maybe I should ask him to do it again. 

The last two days have been really busy and I have not had time to read. I went ahead and ordered (and received) the third book so I did not have to have a panic attack again waiting on it to come in on time.

I have a feeling there will be a major baby boom because of this book!

Can anyone else picture Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey?
Yeah....he would be PERFECT for the part.

This GQ picture of Ryan screams Mr.  Grey to me.

Now I will leave you with a few hilarious will only understand these if you have been reading these books but if you haven't they might make you want to start!


  1. OMG I'm so glad someone else loves these books as much as I do! I'm currently on the second one and CAN'T put it down. All of these e-cards are hilarious, hahah!!

  2. They are -amazing- I'm glad there are so many others that enjoy them. I'm gonna be honest. I felt a little 'weird' reading them at first. -lol- I love all of the eCards that you shared! I've been seeing a lot of them on Pinterest. Each of them hit the nail on the head!

  3. hahaha i LOVE THIS!! those e-cards are so great i am about to send them to my friend. i am on the last book - loved them!!! although sometimes i am finding myself say okay ALRIGHT enough with the sex, we get it! ha im more intrigued by grey and their little love story/relationship!

  4. i downloaded the 1st book friday to read this weekend, needless to say it didn't happen, but let me tell you after reading your post it's ON! hahaha my SIL & MIL say the book is awesome (and porn). Win-Win!

  5. I downloaded a sample of it on my Kindle but didn't get a chance to read it yet. Maybe I will start reading it now. I better be prepared to buy the rest of it though, if it is really as addictive as people say it is, lol.

  6. omg this cracked me up. too funny. mine still doesnt really know what its about haha


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