Monday, May 14, 2012

Ahhh the Excitement

For the Bachelorette premiere tonight, what else?
I have been ready for this season since Chris Harrison announced Emily was the next Bachelorette.  My DVR has been set for days and I have a bottle of wine ready to go.

America fell in love with this sweet southern belle and she is back to find love.
While we are back to get sucked in to the drama, amazing dates we dream of having and Emily's fashion. Which we all wait for Possessionista to blog about.

I must say that by reading here about her potential beau, I am not impressed with the lineup she is facing in tonight's episode.  Hopefully the men will be more attractive in person than their Bachelorette bio photos....and some of their job titles are questionable as well.

 *Aaron, 36 - A Biology Teacher
*Alessandro, 30 - A Grain Merchant
Alejandro, 24 - A Mushroom Farmer
Arie, 30 - A Race Car Driver
Brent, 41 - A Technology Salesman
*Charlie, 32 - A Recruiter
Chris, 25 - A Corporate Sales Director
David, 33 - A Singer/ Songwriter
Doug, 33 - A Charity Director/Real Estate Agent
Jackson, 29 - A Fitness Model
Jean-Paul, 25 - A Marine Biologist
Jef, 27 - A Entrepreneur 
Joe, 27 - A Field Energy Advisor
John, 30 - A Data Destruction Specialist
Kalon, 27 - A Luxury Brand Consultant
Kyle, 29 - A Financial Advisor
Lerone, 29 - A Real Estate Consultant
Michael, 26 - A Rehab Consultant
Nate, 25 - An Accountant
Randy, 30 - A Marketing Manager
*Ryan, 31 - A Pro Sports Trainer
Sean, 28 - An Insurance Agent
Stevie, 26 - A Party MC
Tony, 31 - A Lumber Trader
*Travis, 30 - An Advertising Sales Representative 

*These men appear the most compatible to Emily.

Want to make a bet the Colombian mushroom farmer won't make it to the end?

I have a good feeling that having a race car driver will shed a few tears....but leave it to ABC to add in a twist to spark a little something to talk about.

 I can't wait to get this season started!


  1. A mushroom farmer?!? Sounds sketchy to me! I love Emily!

  2. I've never really watched the show before so maybe I'll check it out tonight and see if I can get into it. The occupations that the guys have are very interesting.


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