Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bachelorette Recap via Twitter

Okay ladies...
Those of you that know me know that I am sucked into love reality television. Especially Bachelor/Bachelorette. And to those of you that didn't know, now you do. 

Yesterday there were some bad storms coming through Arkansas.  It was about 5:00 and I get a phone call from Brad saying the power was out at the house. Are you serious?!! NOOOO. I told Brad the power better come back on before the Bachelorette or I was going to be one pissed off little wife. Needless to say nearly all my co-workers heard this little conversation and laughed hysterically (The joke of it being he works for the local power company...although he is not one of the guys that is outside working on the lines he usually knows when the power will be out before it happens) But good news - It was on and I didn't miss anything! YAY!

So instead of my usual Bachelorette recaps, I am going to post my tweets from last night. Obviously what I was thinking in the moment. It's always fun with a glass of wine....maybe next time I should have 2.

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  • Obviously you aren't perfect Doug #Bachelorette. Stop sugar coating everything
  • Yes Emily...America knows you look fab. Thanks for rubbing it in and telling us you don't work out #Bachelorette.
  • ....and the date got awkward.
  • Dear Doug, women like it when men make the move. No wonder you are still single #Bachelorette
  • I don't know jack squat about sailing but my name is Ryan and I'm amazing at everything I do #Bachelorette
  • Ryan doesn't know anything about sailing but everything about getting a hot bod #Bachelorette
  • Their mission was to sail the boat, not tip it over #Bachelorette
  • The sad thing is - These guys would rather beat the other team to win than beat the other team to spend time with Emily #Bachelorette
  • Emily doesn't like watching the guys compete but she loves dating race car drivers and being on reality TV dating shows #Bachelorette
  • Crying on national TV because you lost the sailboat race is more embarrassing then actually losing the race #Bachelorette
  • Arie and Emily...So serious...So sweet
  • Emily and Jef take turns playing with their hair as it blows in the wind instead of I don't know....making out.
  • Ryan is so much more attractive when he keeps his mouth shut #Bachelorette
  • If Emily ultimately chooses Jef I have no doubt in my mind that she will instantly take him shopping for mens jeans and any top but a hoodie #Bachelorette
  • The 2 on 1 date is between who? and who? I think they both should go home. #Bachelorette
  • I think Chris seems rather mature for a 25 y/o. Maybe it's because he looks like Gerard Butler #Bachelorette
  • What's with all the bachelors crying?? #Bachelorette
  • Travis will get a rose this week. After all, he did let @EmilyMaynard throw Shelly out. We all know she didn't want another girl involved.
  • I'm pretty sure Ryan should feel threatened by Arie. #Bachelorette
  • Ryan says Emily has great potential, like she is trying out to be part of a team #Bachelorette
  • Shorts and knee high socks?! Omgeee Jef. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! # Bachelorette
  • Does watching the bachelorette make anyone else want to make out?
  • And girls are the ones full of drama? I don't think so....#Bachelorette
  • Emily & Jef were on two beaches and she's sad there was no skinny dipping like on #bachelor w/Ben & Courtney.
  • Ryan thinks he's a great catch. More like a great one night stand #Bachelorette
  • Emily was hoping to get the same thick pony-tail look that Michael had. Unfortunately  she didn't want to compete #Bachelorette
  • Sad she sent Charlie home. Such a sweet guy #Bachelorette. 
- And a few other thoughts -

I am LOVING Arie so far! These two just seem to fit really well together.

 Doug is definitely NOT perfect.

I'm over all the crying...seriously guys?

I am also really liking Chris. Even though in last nights conversation he had with Doug he said he was a "grown-ass man" (who says that?) I think he is really mature for his age.

I used to like Ryan but now I am seeing how superficial he is.....complete turn off.

Emily seems to have a strong connection with Jef...I don't know why..I mean, he seems like a good guy and all but I can't see through the skinny jeans, hoodies and jacked up hair. 

I can't believe Mushroom farmer is still in the game

and Kalon is a major douche. 


  1. Um. Is it just me or does Kalon look...not straight?

  2. My favorites so far are Arie and Doug. I do not like Kalon and want him gone!!


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