Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Which do you like better?

Remember in Sunday's post when I told you the song I was currently embarrassed to admit that I love? Well I admitted it. I think it has a nice beat and to be completely honest, I thought it was Justin Timberlake. Hellllooo he is sounding more and more like him. Maybe he is just hitting puberty.

Well...as I was watching the news this morning (I know I am 24 going on 50) I saw a new version of "Boyfriend" that I just had to share with you all. I could literally hit repeat all day this is too funny!

I'm not sure who I like better now. The serious version or the hilarious Barack Obama rendition.

What do you think?


  1. oh my gosh HAHAHA THIS IS AWESOME!

  2. Too funny!

    I'm new to blogging, so if you could check out my blog and follow if you like I'd appreciate it! Absolutely adore your blog <3

    xo ali

  3. This is seriously THE FUNNIEST thing I have seen in... months. Thank you!!


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