Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is it Normal To....

It's time to link up with Allyce @ Chalk in the Rain again for one of my favorite new link-ups 

 Absolutely. I am always driving at least 7 mph over the speed limit, don't you?

 If you have to pick it, you have to pick it. It would drive me absolutely CRAZY if I didn't...but that is also why I wear thongs.

 Yes! I think it is good to get up and still get yourself ready even if you aren't planning on leaving the house. If I don't I feel like I am even more lazy.

 If you are with the right person, and enjoying an intimate time between yourselves, yes...if you are on national television or making a huge scene in front of a lot of people- No!

 Absolutely NOT! Hang up the phone and call me after you are finished, thanks!

Yes! I am so guilty of this. I am always checking to make sure my hair isn't out of place or I don't have food in my teeth or some kind of stain on my clothes. Perfectly NORMAL!

 When I fold my laundry I do not put it in a basket....and most of my clothes are hung....but if you fold your clothes, just put them up.

YES! This saves so many awkward "Hey how are you doing, so good to see you" conversations. Just turn around and walk away.

Um...don't you go to Starbucks and order iced White Chocolate Mocha's? Yes...if you think it is weird to drink either from a straw then YOU'RE weird!

Oh yes...those restrooms are filthy! There is no telling what kind of raunchy ass has been on there. H-O-V-E-R


  1. haha! I loved reading every single one of your responses! Many of ours are opposite, but that's just the beauty of this link up!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hahah, I love this link up! Never seen it before-- super cute! I agree with almost all of your answers... especially love the "H-O-V-E-R" touch to the last one. Absolutely.

    Your blog is adorable!

  3. Hahaha I love this link up!

  4. hahahah this is such a great linkup! how fun! the wedgie one is so funny because if I have one i dont care where I am i need to pick it! haha! and ehhh i am guilty of going to the bathroom on the phone...haha!



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