Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters AND Friday Favorites

Dear Olympics....I'm glad you're here. I am most excited to watch gymnastics {my fav} and male swimming A.K.A an excuse to look at Ryan Lochte. Sorry I'm not sorry. 
Dear Bentley... There is nothing better than coming home and having you attack me with excitement and doggy kisses. I just love a pets unconditional love. Dear Gym.... We used to be great friends, we had a little break, now we need to get back together! Dear Tasha...I'm excited about our girls night in / wine night tonight. It has been much needed. Dear Lacey... We need to make another girls trip soon! Dear Boutiques... I am starting to get fall fever so please stock up on cute Cardigans, Sweaters, Blazers and yesterday. Dear Friends and Family... Just because I am married now doesn't mean it's time to  have babies. It has been 4 months. Dear Summer TV Series....thank you for always having something good on consecutively each night and  making me extremely unproductive.
Dear new readers and longtime, faithful, amazing friends of mine .... I would love for all of you to have a chance to win my giveaway. If you missed my post about it and don't know what I am giving away click HERE 

Linking up with Ashley @ Adventures of Newlyweds for

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beautifuly blazin'

beautifuly blazin' by amberrelic featuring a pink jacket

1. Topshop - Petite Pointe Blazer $80
2. Dorothy Perkins Pink Soft Waterfall Jacket - $55
3. Topshop - Petite Pointe Blazer - $80
4.Topshop - Contrast Facing Fitted Blazer - $150
5. Topshop - Ponte Boyfriend Blazer - $70 

 I own blazer #1 and liked it so much I recently purchased the black one (blazer#3) 
Don't be surprised if you find out soon that I've purchased #2, 4 and 5. 

Here is another blazer I recently found. Unfortunately it was sold out but this boutique was overwhelmed with how many people wanted this so they are re-ordering. Isn't it precious?
and what is even better.. it is only $38!! Sorry I don't know the brand or I would share but you can find that Boutique, MACA online HERE

Blazers are a great staple to any closet. I love a good fitted blazer to wear to work or to pair with a tank, jeans and heels for a casual chic look.

How cute are both of these looks? The tank, jeans and blazers are definitely staples you NEED in your closet. Pair it with these coordinating accessories and you have a sexy outfit.
Like the pearl necklace? ---- I am giving a similar one away HERE

Other favorite Blazer looks include:

 {via Pinterest}

 {via Pinterest}

 {via Pinterest}

{via Pinterest}


  1. I am SO excited for the Olympics....especially the men's swimming. Hello Michael and Ryan. Yum!! And I love that your dog's name is Bentley. Too stinkin' cute!! xo

  2. I have fall fever too and I have been dying to shop for new fall clothing!

  3. I LOVE colored blazers - that coral one is calling my name!

  4. I die for a good blazer and it's pretty much my fall/winter wardrobe staple. Loving that coral one in your first collage! Kim K certainly knows how to rock the blazer look. She is my blazer idol!

  5. You have such great style!! I love your blog, dear. Count me as your newest follower/fan!

  6. I really dig your style!! I want one of those blazers! Just found your blog's great! xo

  7. Great Post! Love the Collection of Blazer :)


  8. I LOVE those blazers. I need 1&3 stat! Funny, all of a sudden I'm seeing a lot of people looking forward to fall. I *need* to enter your giveaway but it blocks Rafflecopter here at work - boo! Your giveaway faves are my faves. Happy Friday!

  9. All those blazers are awesome. I really love the coral color. Actually I love them all!

  10. i am SO EXCITED for the olympics, too!!!
    and i need a pink blazer in my life.
    and that fall fever you're talking about? yeah... i miiiight just be ready for cold weather, too! we're ridiculous!

  11. LOVE these blazers, and your letter to Bentley made me sad because I want a puppy so bad haha Oh and I am having issues with my google account, had to follow you through twitter... who knew you could even do that?! I didn't!

  12. new follower coming from the letters link up. can't wait to keep reading!

    stop by sometime!

  13. your blog is SO cute! I can't wait to read more :) Lovin' all the pink!

  14. gymnastics and male swimming are my faves too :)

    and i hear ya on the pressure to make a baby.

  15. love how you styled your leopard blazer! i have one too :) you're gorgeous!

    xo brie

  16. I am definitely ready for some fall fashion!Love the blazer ideas :)

  17. I love the topshop blazer but I like yours even better! Too bad its sold out:(

    Aesthetic Lounge

  18. I love blazers! These are so nice!! :)

    I'd love if you visited my blog at
    Let me know, if you would like to follow each other on Blogger and/or Bloglovin and Facebook. :)


  19. It's so hard to find the right blazer, but all your picks are fabulous!


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