Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's Talk.... EYES

Making your eyes POP

Just like using color to contour your face, you can use a similar technique to change your eye shape. Narrow eyes? Drooping lids? Small eyes? - Use a light / shadow technique to alter the overall appearance.

As you age, your skin loses elasticity, thus making the inevitable"droop" happen. If you are one of those reading this and thinking YES, that is me!! What do I do? You need to add more definition. You can do this by sweeping a light bronzer along the crease of your eye. For all you blue eyed ladies out there, using a bronzy/orange color will make the blue in your eyes pop even more. After doing this, apply a light color above the crease from the inner to outer lid to highlight and draw attention up. Then blend a shadow. Make sure to blend these colors well, especially the edges from the shadow to the highlight.

If you have narrow eyes, you might be looking to elongate the width. By applying a black liner to the outer half of the top and bottom lash line and connecting the corners, it will draw the attention of your eye out...making it appear wider.

If you have small eyes, applying a light colored eyeliner to your lower inner rim (above the lashes) will make your eyes look more open. Use a black liner along your entire upper and lower lash lines and connect them at the outer corner. You can also smudge the lines giving the illusion your eyes are bigger than they really are.

One thing I always do with my black pencil liner is apply it to the inner upper rim. I feel like it really sharpens the appearance of my eyes and give it more cohesiveness with my top liner and mascara without seeing all those harsh lines.

 Think OPPOSITES when it comes to COLOR

  If you're trying to pick the most flattering eyeshadow colors, here's a cheat sheet:

For blue eyes: 
Since orange is the opposite color of blue, anything with orange in it will make blue eyes stand out more. I know what you are thinking....ORANGE?! This girl is crazy! No I am not saying go out and find a bright orange shade. But if the shadow has orange undertones such as gold, pinks, and peaches it will work well with your color. Trust me! Also, add in some browns for a great smokey eye.

For green eyes: 
The opposite color of green is....RED! But please don't wear RED eyeshadow. That would be all kinds of hideous. If you have green eyes try purples.  

For brown eyes: 
Brown is a neutral color, so any color will work well. 
All you brown eyed ladies are lucky! 
Most things look great on brown eyes. 

My Go TO shadow right now:
I'm sure it's no surprise, the NAKED 2 Palette.
This palette is a great combination of colors for ALL eye colors.



  1. very interesting to see what colors work best with your eye color! i have green eyes, and green shadow does look pretty sometimes as well!

    xo kelly

  2. I have been wanting the Naked 2 pal. for forever! Loved this post :) very informative!

    So my GFC has been acting odd, but it let me follow you through my twitter account... how cool is that?! Who knew you could do that?!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm proud to know that I have been doing a great job using pinks and golds to compliment my eye color :D

  4. Good post - I was wondering what colors you like best with hazel eyes?


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